5 Watches That Will Warm You Up This Fall

Posted by Chris on Friday, September 24, 2021

Seasons come and go, and with them come the difficult existential questions that plague us and cause us to lay awake at night with our thoughts going a hundred miles per hour. Thoughts like “are brown leather straps seasonal?” and “are blue dials both summer and winter appropriate?” 

The truth is we love it. Each season brings with it an opportunity to try out new luxury watch looks, and you can believe us that there is a lot of science that goes into it. Sorta. Well, let’s say it’s watch-science, which is now a thing because we said it is. 

Summer, fall, winter, and spring all have their own particular moods that inform our watch choices. For instance, summer is bright and energetic and exciting. Spring is colorful and happy and bubbly, full of hope. Winter is silent and still and heavy with thick, icy air. 

Fall might actually be our favorite of the bunch. It’s contemplative, chilly and woolen, burnt hues of orange, burgundy, and yellow littering the treeline. It makes us think of Thanksgiving dinners spent with our families, discussing Swiss timepieces around the table. It’s the perfect time to reflect and consider the year so far. It’s even a little spooky. 

All these things add up to some interesting choices for how to adorn your wrist as the air grows colder and you wait for the freezing gut-punch of impending winter blizzards and sidewalk slush. 

So take a minute and join us for a look into our thought process in finding the perfect autumn watches.  We’ve had a look through our inventory and picked out 5 spectacular pieces that we think will make perfect companions for this most lovely of seasons. 

The Gucci G-Timeless Automatic Silver Dial White Leather Strap


There’s a sort of clarity in the air in the autumn, and we find the textured silver dial of this Gucci G-Timeless to reflect that quality in stunning detail. Everything about its presentation is crisp and defined, as if the sapphire crystal has trapped a bit of that cool morning air inside of it. The gold star and fly shaped hour markers are, by contrast, stunningly accentuated, as is the large golden tiger’s head at 12 o’clock. 

The golden bezel of this Gucci watch serves as a sort of barrier for the illusions, because things become a bit foggy outside of it. The white leather strap in particular looks like the mist that marks our breaths in the ever-cooling air of October and November mornings.

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The Tissot Seastar 1000 Chronograph Red Dial 


We were sold on this Tissot Seastar the second we saw its gradient red dial. The color reminds us of a fallen leaf that’s been singed by a harvest bonfire. The black bezel surrounds it like shadows waiting at the edge of the light. 

The matte steel case is cold to look at, utilitarian and sturdy. The black rubber strap is the perfect continuation of the dark, shadowy autumn aesthetic, one of our favorites amongst men's Tissot watches

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The Breitling Super Chronomat Automatic Black Dial


Of course fall is also known for hosting the spookiest of all holidays, Halloween. One could say that there’s a general increasing sense of foreboding and lurking supernatural oddities as the season ramps its way up throughout the month of October towards the climactic fright-filled night of the 31st, and this imposing black dialed Super Chronomat embodies all of that shivering pull-the-covers-up-to-your-nose goodness. 

The pitch black dial is accented with whirling sub dials and stark silver hands. The large bezel is shrouded in an intimidating darkness. 

We think the Great Pumpkin will emerge from his slumber and take one look at this grisly Breitling watch masterpiece and say, in his booming spectral voice, “Wow, that’s a beautiful watch! Where can I get one?”

Tell him he can get it right now for 30% off.

The Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Green Dial 


The muted colors of this Oris Pointer Date are the perfect embodiment of a cool, overcast autumn day. The kind of day where there is an ever-present light sprinkle of rain that patters on the fallen leaves and makes the soles of your shoes kind of wet, but never uncomfortably so. 

The green dial has a quality to it that makes us think of the crystalline grey-green skies on days like that, wispy clouds gliding across a thicker frozen backdrop. The steel bezel is like a picture frame for a faded photograph taken a long time ago. The brown leather strap is subdued and contemplative. 

Taken as a whole, the aesthetic is peaceful and nostalgic in a way that’s pleasant and maybe even a little bit sad. It speaks to half-memories from a long time ago that feel like they want to sit next to us by a fire and share some cider. 

Also, the inverted triangle at the tip of the second hand is really cool looking. 

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The Movado Bold Evolution Blue Chronograph 


If that last watch was a cool autumn day, this Movado Bold watch is a crisp autumn night amongst men's Movado watches. It’s much colder, but not freezing. The breath comes out in almost solid puffs of mist. You know, that kind of night. 

In the sky hangs a silver moon half hidden by large, mountainous clouds condensed by the cold night air. The way the blue dial catches and diffuses light is exactly how that moon’s light is caught and played with by those glacial clouds. The bezel is the darkened treeline that spreads out through the ion-plated steel bracelet. 

Time may feel like it’s standing still, but if you look closely you can see the second-hand gliding past in its flawlessly smooth quartz-driven sweep. Oh wait, look at that. It’s time to head in and eat some leftover halloween candy. Dibs on the peanut butter cups. 

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These are just our picks for autumn luxury watches. If you’d like to pick out your own favorites, feel free to browse Movado, Oris, Breitling, Tissot, Gucci watches, orthe entire catalogue of our in-stock and ready to ship selection. 

Find one or two that make you feel the way you feel when you think about the fall. It is a very personal sort of season, after all. 

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