Bracelet Sizing

If your watch has a linked metal bracelet, we can ensure that it fits the first time – just let us know your wrist measurement, and we’ll make the necessary adjustments free of charge.

To measure your wrist you can download the WatchMaxx Wrist Sizing Guide (PDF) (or use a measuring tape if you have one).

Once you have your tape measure, wrap it around the wrist where the watch will be worn. Read and note the number where the tape measure meets the arrow or overlaps. For a comfortable fit you may add 1.5 cm. However you can add or take off centimetres according to how you like to wear your watch (loose, exact or tight).

During the last step in the checkout process, there is an option to add Notes/Special Instructions. Please add your wrist measurement (in cm) with the words, “Bracelet Sizing” and we’ll make the necessary adjustments before shipping. (If you don't see the option to add Special Instructions, please contact us to see if sizing is available for your order.) Please note that we will only remove existing links – not add – to resize the bracelet.

Any unused links will be sent with your watch. We recommend that the links be kept in case the bracelet needs to be adjusted in the future.

Note that it may take an additional day to ship orders where adjustment is requested.

All watches adjusted by WatchMaxx are eligible under our return policy.

We will try to ensure the best fit for your watch. Occasionally, further adjustment may be required. In the event that further adjustment is required, we will not offer any refunds or compensation.

Sizing courtesy may be suspended at times, such as during peak season etc. We will endeavor to notify you at the time if we will be unable to size the watch.