A Woman’s Guide to Omega

Posted by Chris on Friday, February 26, 2021

It’s 1917. A dashing airman of Britain’s Royal Flying Corps leans against his plane, sweating from the thrill and exhaustion he simultaneously feels thumping in his chest,  the sun beating down on the runway and glinting off his Omega watch. Things are heating up out there, but he knows he’ll always find his way home in time. 

It’s 1969. The world watches with bated breath as Neil Armstrong takes his first steps onto the moon, marking an historic moment in humankind’s exploration of the stars. On his wrist, beneath the astronaut suit, an Omega watch nestles comfortably on his wrist and quietly becomes the first watch on the moon. 

It’s 2012 at the London Olympics. A fresh gold medal slung around her neck, Jessica Ennis-Hill breaks away from the crowd to think about what’s next. On her arm, an Omega women's watch shows her that it’s time to get moving on to future glories. 

Since 1903, Omega watches have been present for countless defining moments in human history. That’s because the Swiss-made timepieces are meticulously crafted to withstand the harshest conditions, while at the same time exuding a remarkable beauty and grace. 

That’s not to say you have to be an adventurer to adorn yourself with an Omega. You should, however, be prepared to light up any room you walk into with one of these on your wrist. Sometimes, the adventure chooses the adventurer. 

5 Watches that Will Make You an Omega Believer 

The De Ville Ladymatic 

This luxurious watch proves that it’s always time for diamonds. The glimmer of luxury is draped over every sparkling millimeter of the Ladymatic, from the beautiful folding clasp to the sapphire window, and the pink mother of pearl dial will make people shout “Holy mother of...!”  

The De Ville Prestige 

Gold. Gold everywhere! 18kts of stunning yellow, gleaming, immaculately shaped gold framing a champagne dial. This Prestige model of the De Ville line showcases Omega’s commitment to elegance and beauty. What time is it? Who cares! You’re busy looking at your own smile being reflected back at you in all that spectacular gold, and everybody else is looking too. 

The Constellation Star

This timepiece is for the woman who’s never afraid to reach for the stars. Featuring a cosmic blue dial with a tasteful array of silver celestial bodies, the Constellation Star takes the wearer on a journey that’s absolutely out of this world. What’s better is the way people will orbit around you to get a glance at the stellar beauty on your wrist. 

The Seamaster Aqua Terra

A true treasure of the deep, the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra has broken through the waves to distinguish itself as the queen of the ocean. Featuring a haunting light blue mother of pearl dial and dazzling diamond hour markers, this exquisite watch will make any social engagement a sea breeze. 

The De Ville Tresor

Ancient classics meet modern beauty with the Tresor, a top pick among Omega watches for women. The mother of pearl dial features large roman numerals, harkening back to a time of philosophers and marble wonders, while 2 dancing rows of diamonds decorate the bezel. The stylish black satin band finishes off the look and promises to look absolutely statuesque on any woman’s wrist, but most notably yours. 

These are just a small sample of the Omega women's watches available at Watchmaxx. Go here to find the perfect timepiece for you and get ready to make history. 

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