Maintaining Luxury: How to Care for Your Luxury Watches

Posted by Chris on Wednesday, November 23, 2022
caring for luxury watches

Luxury isn't all fun and games. It also comes with some responsibility. Taking care of a luxury watch is no different.

The way we see it, when you bring home a new luxury watch, you're making a promise to that watch. You're promising to provide it with the best life possible and to show it love and care. But sometimes, life just gets in the way and we forget about upholding our end of that bargain.

Make no mistake, luxury watches are meant to be a part of our lives for a long time. But if you want something that you can pass along to your children, then you're going to have to take care of your watch. You're going to have to give it the attention that it deserves.

Below, we'll talk about some best practices for maintaining your luxury watches and ensuring that they're happy and healthy.

Regularly Clean Your Luxury Watches

The first thing that you should do is make sure to keep your watch clean. Dust, dirt, and debris can get into the inner workings of the watch and cause it to malfunction. Regularly wipe down the case and band of your luxury watch with a soft cloth.

Try to get into a routine of regularly cleaning your watch. Doing so will keep the band and case looking like new and it will also remove any dirt or residue that might be trapped inside the watch.

Not only are dirt and grime unpleasant to look at, but they can also get into the crevices of your watch and cause it to malfunction. So, keeping your watch clean is one of the most important things you can do to maintain its overall health.

Be Careful About Testing that Water Resistance

The water resistance rating on a watch can be somewhat misleading. Many people assume that if their watch is rated as water resistant up to a certain depth, then they can swim with it. However, this isn't always the case.

When a watch is tested for water resistance, it's done in controlled conditions and the results only apply to those conditions. This means that any changes in temperature or pressure can affect the watch's water resistance.

If you want to take your luxury watch for a swim, we recommend doing so with caution. Be a little conservative on testing the limits of that water resistance. And if you're going to be taking your watch scuba diving, consider getting it pressure tested before you do so.

Keep Your Watch Away from Magnets

Magnets can wreak havoc on the inner workings of a luxury watch. This is because many watches contain tiny particles that are sensitive to external magnetic fields. Even the strongest magnets aren't always visible.

To avoid any potential damage to your watch, keep it away from all magnetic sources. This includes anything from charging pads to refrigerator magnets. Also, be careful about putting your watch too close to credit cards or cell phones as these can also generate a small magnetic field.

Regularly Service Your Luxury Watch

Finally, if you want your watch to last for a long time, then you're going to have to make sure it receives regular service. This means taking it in for professional maintenance every two to three years - depending on the type of watch you own.

During servicing, a professional can check the inner workings of the watch to make sure that everything is functioning as it should. They can also replace any parts that may need it and lubricate any moving parts for optimal performance.

Taking care of a luxury watch isn't always easy, but it's well worth the effort. By following these tips, you can ensure that your watch will be around for generations to come. And that's something you can be proud of.

Don't Forget to Maintain Yourself!

While it's very important to maintain our luxury watches, it's even more important to maintain ourselves as well.

And, when it comes to self-maintenance, there's perhaps nothing more beneficial to our own well-being than getting a new luxury watch. A luxury watch is something that can show the world who you are, express your own style and personality, and make a statement about your place in the world.

It just so happens that we at WatchMaxx have an entire catalog of in-stock and ready to ship luxury watches. When's the last time you treated yourself to a new Omega, or Breitling, or Movado men's watch, maybe even a Bulgari watch? Exactly, it's been too long.

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