10 Hot Luxury Watches for the Summer

Posted by Chris on Friday, April 9, 2021

Luxury watches are made to be seen, so it’s always exciting when summer rolls around and gives us a reason to go outside for a little bit of showing off. 

To help you do just that, we put together a list of some of our most eye-catching pieces that are just begging to be worn outside. Whether it’s a special occasion or not, these watches will make you feel like it’s the summer of You.  

1. Cartier’s Ballon Bleu (Women)

Like a purple foxglove, the Ballon Bleu sings of summer flowers and lighthearted skipping through a French market district on the sunniest day of the year. The stunning rose gold bezel encircles a silver dial studded with 11 sparkling diamonds in what we believe to be the showstopper of the season. 

2. Hublot’s Big Bang Pop Art Limited Edition (Women)

Hublot designs are always eye-catching. The limited run Pop Art Big Bang, however, is on a whole new level! The orange dial is loud enough to flag down a taxi on 5th Avenue, and the blue sapphire lined bezel will look fabulous when it catches a bit of that summer sunlight. The blue and orange leather band ties the whole exhibit together in a MoMA-ready luxury work of art. 

3. TAG Heuer’s Monaco Chronograph Blue Gulf Racing 50th Anniversary Edition (Men)

Is there anything better than going for a long drive on a nice summer day with the top down? We don’t think so. Especially with this beauty strapped to the wrist of your steering hand. This special edition Monaco is for the man who isn’t afraid of a little speed and a lot of wind in his hair. The bold square design makes it easier than ever to clock your best laps yet. 

4. Rolex’s Datejust 41 Mother of Pearl Diamond Dial (Men)

We don’t know how they did it, but this Datejust’s mother of pearl dial looks like it’s straight out of a midsummer day’s dream. The amazing mixture of subtle colors in the pearl interacts majestically with the diamond hour markers to create an illusion of movement, while the fluted white gold bezel reflects the sun in thousands upon thousands of directions. This is a watch fit for Oberon, but made for you. 

5. Jaquet Droz’s Les Ateliers d’Art Petite Heure Minute Enamel Painting (Women)

This watch is one of only 28 ever made. It captures the lighthearted essence of birdsong in a cage made of luxury. Painted on the ivory dial is a scene of cavorting birds, which is encircled by an 18K rose gold bezel encrusted with 232 tiny twinkling diamonds. It’s an entrancingly beautiful piece that reveals the true extent of its luxury the more one looks at it. And we imagine you’ll be spending a good bit of your summer doing exactly that when it’s wrapped snugly around your wrist. 

6. Omega’s Seamaster Diver Co-Axial Master Chronometer (Men)

The old saying goes “Hoist your sail when the wind is fair,” and with this Seamaster as your first mate, the wind will always be fair. The large white dial features laser engraved waves that give the slightest hint of the motion of the sea while skeletal black hands keep you on course for land. The offset crowns positioned on either side provide easy access to any adjustments on your high seas adventures. 

7. Chanel’s Mademoiselle Prive Black Dial (Women)

There are few things more beautiful than the vast star-speckled sky on a summer night. With the Mademoiselle’s soft satin band on your wrist, it’ll seem as if you can feel the grass on your legs from memories of nights spent stargazing in summers past. There are three celestial wonders on display here: the stars that lay spattered across the midnight black dial; the diamonds arranged perfectly around the bezel; and the woman who walks into the room wearing this watch. 

8. Oris’s Divers Sixty-Five Blue Dial (Men)

Oris Divers are classically designed watches that combine luxury with a sense of adventure. This particular model boasts a dark ocean blue dial that speaks of exploration beneath the waves, and the bronze accents are the hint of submersible ingenuity wielded by the likes of Cousteau himself. This Oris masterpiece is fashion and class that’s in 20,000 leagues of its own. 

9. Tissot’s T-Lady Lady Heart (Women)

Sometimes summer is what we carry with us in our hearts, and the Lady Heart exemplifies this in the woman who carries it on her wrist. A muted multi-tone mother of pearl dial is beautiful in its simplicity, and the green-to-pink gradient blossom at the 12-o’clock marker is a breezy splash of color that reminds us to take in and appreciate the simple beauty in the world as we pass it by. 

10. Piaget’s Altiplano Black Dial Black Leather Strap (Women)

Speaking of simple, this mechanical wonder is anything but. Like the summer nightlife in a bustling city, the Altiplano is a whirlwind of moving parts and jaw-dropping action that fits neatly within the confines of a beautiful 18kt golden circle. A rose gold dial within a dial ensures that you won’t lose track of time while studying the mechanical complexities of the skeletal gears whirring their way below. Whatever time it is, the Altiplano says it’s time to party. 

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