The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Posted by Chris on Thursday, January 27, 2022
Valentine's Day Gifts - 2022

When it comes down to it, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that’s all about time. 

First of all, it’s held at what we consider to be quite possibly the least romantic time of the year. For much of the country, mid-February is marked by blisteringly cold winds and huge piles of dirty snow piled up on the sides of the streets. The air is dry and causes the skin on our hands to crack and our lips to chap. For those of us who drive to work, each morning begins with a nervous glance out the window to see if the streets are clear, silently worried that our commute will be one filled with white-knuckled tire spinning panic. 

And yet all of these things, in a way, make the darkest depths of winter the perfect time for Valentine’s Day. It is in this month, when things are maybe a little bleaker, and getting out of bed in the morning is a little bit more of a struggle, that we can best appreciate the people who mean the most to us. 

That’s right, Valentine’s Day is all about taking the time to acknowledge those who are significant in our lives. As with all things that are centered around time, that makes it the perfect opportunity to think about our favorite thing - luxury watches. 

It just so happens that a luxury watch is a great way to show your significant other that you enjoy your time spent with them. 

So to help you find that perfect gift for your Valentine, we’ve put together some men’s and women’s watches that we know will be the perfect way to show how you feel. 

Valentine’s Day Watches for Men 

For The Fashionable Man - The Gucci Dive Black Dial


There are few luxury watch brands out there – or really, few brands of any type – that understand fashion the way Gucci men's watches do. They’ve built a name for themselves as a revolutionary force in the fashion world, while simultaneously making their masterpieces accessible with reasonable pricing. 

This Dive encompasses everything about their philosophy in one go, every millimeter serving as a master class in design. The black dial is littered with Gucci watches iconography, including the famous bee at 12 o’clock. The rotating bezel is embellished with a red and green gradient in the upper quarter, and the polished steel bracelet is sturdy and comfortable. 

If your man is the type of guy who likes to feel like all eyes are on him, then he’ll certainly have his eyes on this watch. 

Get the Gucci Dive Black Dial today and save 40%.

For the Man Who Likes to Live Fast - The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Quartz 


Some of us like to take life slowly, to stop and smell the roses if you will. And that’s okay. But if your man is one of those guys who keeps the pedal to the metal, then this is the watch for him. 

TAG Heuer’s racing pedigree is well known. They’ve got a Formula 1 aesthetic that permeates just about everything they make. This Formula 1 Quartz, however, is the creme de la creme of racing watches. 

Every bit of this watch is designed to speak to speed and power. The sleek gray dial is reflective and modern, and the three sub dials are made to give the impression of an instrument panel on the dashboard of a racing machine. The chronograph controls mean peak functionality, so you know he won’t be late to your next dinner date. 

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For the Man With His Head in the Clouds - The Oris Big Crown ProPilot


With an undeniably delectable vintage look, this ProPilot really lights up the skies. The classy brown leather strap combined with the stylishly patterned dial sell the fantasy of taking flight as an ace. 

If your guy is the type who secretly wishes he could wear a bomber jacket everywhere he went, or if you catch him staring off into the noonday sky while twirling his mustache and smiling, this is absolutely the luxury piece that should be on his wrist. If you really want to spin his propeller this Valentine’s day, surprise him with a ProPilot from Oris. 

Buy your Oris Big Crown ProPilot today and get 45% off.

Valentine’s Day Watches for Women

For the Unconventionally Classy Woman - The Longines DolceVita


The red leather strap steals the show with this spectacular DolceVita, but it’s the dial that really has us spinning. 

The classic Roman numeral markers are warped just ever so slightly to fit the unconventional rectangular shape, and the second hand lives in its own sub dial at 6 o’clock. The blue hands and markers are a great contrast against the patterned silver dial, and they’re both beautifully complemented by the strap. 

If your special somebody is a woman who dances to her own beat, then this Longines watches' masterpiece will have her doing the Charleston.  

Save 10% when you order your Longines DolceVita today.

For the Woman Who Loves Roses - The Movado Bold Ceramic Rose Gold-tone Metallic Dial


It has come to our attention that sometimes people gift things to each other that aren’t watches. On Valentine’s Day in particular, it’s customary to give a rose. Well, we just can’t imagine not giving somebody a spectacular luxury watch as a gift, especially when it’s somebody who is very special to you. 

So, the solution we’ve come up with is a rose gold-toned luxury watch! This beauty from Movado watches is sure to wow her so much that she won’t even need a whole dozen of them. 

The classic Movado women's watches design really shines in the rose gold aesthetic, every inch from dial to bracelet gleaming with lux. The embedded 12 o’clock gem is the only break from the color scheme, and it’s a real eye popper. 

So if the woman you’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day is a real lover of roses, get her this watch and she’ll be looking at you through rose-tinted glasses for years to come. 

Get your Movado Bold Ceramic Rose Gold-tone Metallic Dial today and save 23%.

For the Woman Who Likes to Glam It Up - The Michele Sport Sail White Silver Dial 


There are some of us out there who like to live it up with a little extra glam. Or, you know, a lot of extra glam. There’s never too much glam. 

If your special somebody is really into going maximum glam, then this Michele Sport Sail is going to tickle her pink. The silver dial is matched with beautiful rose gold accents in the markers, hands and bezel. The silicone strap is oh so pretty-in-pink, with a bubblegum-like sheen to it. Here and there, a dash of cherry red makes a splash in the form of the Michele watches' logo on the crown and at 12 o’clock. 

Better yet, this is a chronograph, featuring controls that are unconventional while being fully functional. As a whole, the piece is gorg, glam, and 100% fire for any situation, something that Michele women's watches are known for. 

Glam up her Valentine’s Day and save 24% when you order today!


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