Exploring the Hublot Classic Fusion

Posted by Chris on Thursday, February 17, 2022
The Hublot Classic Fusion

Sometimes, it seems like all the high-end luxury Swiss watchmakers are these ancient (relatively) venerable names with over a century of history behind their watches. That’s not the case with Hublot watches

Founded by Italian watchmaker Carlo Crocco as recently as 1980, the Swiss company hit the ground running with an already modernized mindset. Their first innovation was found on the original Hublot watch that launched the company. It was the first natural rubber strap in the history of watchmaking, and it took over 3 years to develop. 

From there, the company became known for their incredible designs, their top-tier in-house movements, and their outstanding commitment to consistently producing the highest quality luxury watches possible. 

The Hublot Classic Fusion

While there are plenty of mind-bogglingly cool Hublot watch designs, it’s the Classic Fusion we’re going to look at today. 

We couldn’t find a specific answer on what the “fusion” means, exactly, but there are some clues. If we had to guess, we’d say it’s first and foremost in reference to the fusion of Hublot movement technologies found inside the watches. They’re all powered by in-house engineering, featuring the brand’s signature automatic movements and mighty power reserve mechanisms. 

On top of that, many of the designs are an aesthetic fusion between two color schemes. Some feature an interesting mixture of case materials, while others fuse complex dial designs with simplicity. 

The end result is that each of these Hublot watches is totally unique and incredibly intriguing, the height of absolute luxury combined with a mystique that’s found in few other watches at this upper tier. 

One thing that will never be said about a Hublot Classic Fusion is that it’s boring, that’s for sure. 

Now, let’s take a look at some Classic Fusions that we have in stock and ready to ship. 

The Hublot Classic Fusion 45mm Silver Dial 


This is the Classic Fusion in its purest form. The look is very much Hublot, with a sort of industrial chic theme. 

The silver dial is impeccable, 100% flawless. It’s incredible how perfectly the master watchmakers have managed to refine literally every detail. The hands and hour markers are gleaming, silver toned wonders, and the brand logo is cleverly integrated into the second hand. 

The bezel is thick and stylish, the bolts making it stand out against pretty much any other brand of luxury watch out there. The entire case is made from titanium, a much beloved material of Hublot’s that features unparalleled strength for how incredibly light it is. As such, this large watch sits very lightly on the wrist and is nigh invulnerable to harm. 

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The Hublot Classic Fusion 45mm Titanium 


While the silver dial is beautiful, there are few things in our eyes that can beat a great black dial. This Classic Fusion Titanium features a black dial that goes beyond the everyday “black” you find on other dials. This is the absolute void, the black hole in the middle of space kind of black. It’s breathtaking. 

Beyond that, the typical Classic Fusion features are here. The large bezel, the industrial bolt look, the flawless build quality. 

It’s the bracelet that really breaks away from the previous version we talked about. While that watch had a very gentlemanly leather strap, this one has a bracelet. And guess what, that bracelet is also titanium. The entire watch is titanium! 

Maybe that’s not a big surprise, given that this is called the Classic Fusion Titanium, but still we’re really impressed. The watch looks like it’s built like a tank, which it very much is, but in practice it wears like a feather. Well, maybe a really powerful and tough feather. 

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The Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold Green Dial


We love titanium, but you know what we love even more? Gold. And this watch is the new gold standard for, uh, gold. 

The entire case is made out of brushed and polished, gleaming, beautiful 18kt rose gold. Well, except for the H-shaped screws in the bezel. Those are still titanium. 

The strap is the natural rubber variety that Hublot watches became famous for when they launched, a premium innovation that you’re not likely to find from many other brands.

Just the feel of this thing, the way it sits in the palm of your hand when you pick it up, the way it seems to melt onto your wrist when you put it on, it screams of quality and luxury. It’s really one of those watches that you have to see for yourself to truly grasp how amazing it is. 

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The Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Limited Edition Skeleton Dial Red


And now for something completely different. 

What can we even say about this amazing Aerofusion that isn’t already being screamed into your eyeballs? The red is stunning, the skeleton dial is shocking, and the stealth-fighter-like contours across the case are mind boggling, like some sort of 4th-dimensional polygon. 

Let’s start with the skeleton dial. Hublot watches basically made these sort of skeleton dials fashionable with their Big Bangs, and the look carries over really well into this piece. What you’re seeing is the mechanical workings of the powerful Hublot Caliber HUB1155 engine, a legendary automatic movement in itself. 

The way the dial and the sub dials (this is a chronograph, after all) blend into that analog wonderland is pretty wild. It’s like the closer we look at it, the harder it is for our brains to make sense of. It’s masterful. 

The bezel still features the signature bolts, but the geometric design spreads out into the rest of the case, creating a variety of laser-red surfaces to catch the light and shadows in interesting ways. 

The red rubber strap is the perfect way to wrap up the aesthetic. 

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The Hublot Classic Fusion 33mm Titanium Purple Women’s Watch


We don’t know how they did it, but Hublot managed to combine the industrial chic of the Classic Fusion with an elegance that could be worn in Buckingham Palace with the fanciest of ball gowns.

This women’s watch is peak glamor, a diamond-studded super star in its own right. The diamonds along the bezel somehow dance perfectly with the H-shaped screws. The bezel itself is somehow transformed from the usually heavy-duty statement into a graceful adornment.  

Even more stunning, when you take this watch in as a whole it is somehow greater than the sum of its parts, however spectacular those parts are. The strap is the exclamation point on a piece that is screaming to be worn, needing to be seen. 

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