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Posted by Chris on Friday, October 22, 2021
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It’s a moonless night in Gotham city. The grimy asphalt is blanketed in a thin mist from the seemingly ever-present drizzle. Stained yellow street lights cast a sickly glow onto the deserted roads. 

A group of men slinks out from a shadowed alley like a pack of hyenas, their laughter ringing off of the brick walls of the old neighborhood. Their laughs are strained with still pumping adrenaline. 

Between them they pass a freshly stolen purse from which they greedily snatch loose jewels and cash that, until very recently, belonged to the woman now cringing in the alley from which they emerged, still too scared to call the police. 

A dark shadow briefly swoops past one of the street lights and the leader of the pack holds up his hand, causing the others to stop in their tracks. Suddenly, a tall figure clad in shiny black body armor that resembles a gothic gargoyle, or maybe even a bat, descends upon the pack. 

Fists fly and one of the men even gets a shot off from his pistol, but in the blink of an eye it's over. The men suddenly find themselves on the ground, holding their injured limbs and groaning. The Batman picks up the woman’s purse and holds it out in front of him, the wrist of his gauntleted hand sporting a luxury chronograph that’s so stunning in its craftsmanship that the defeated criminals can’t help but stare in awe. 

Like a lot of people, we couldn’t help but get really excited when the trailer dropped for the new Batman movie. The title of the film, The Batman, leaves a lot to the imagination, and the trailer itself reveals very little in terms of what sort of watches Bruce Wayne and his alter ego will be wearing this time around. Naturally, it ignited our imagination and we were left to speculation. 

Because we are generally impatient people and we don’t want to sit around waiting for the actual movie to come out, we’ve gone ahead and put together our own list of watches that Batman would wear. Each of these watches is in stock and ready to ship, so you might also look at it as a list of watches you could wear if you wanted to feel like Batman.

We’ve also put together some watches we think Bruce Wayne would like, just to balance things out. 

So let’s get to it!

Watches Batman Would Wear

When putting together this list, we tried to keep in mind some important details about what makes Batman who he is. For instance, Batman wears black armor, so the watches should also be black. Imagine how silly he would look jumping into action wearing a gold Breitling Navitimer on his wrist with that armor. Can you even picture that? We’re laughing at the thought of it. How ridiculous!

Anyways, so yeah the watches are black. They also have to be incredibly durable because they’ll be facing things like the Riddler’s flame traps and Joker’s acid bombs. 

We imagine that Batman will probably lean towards chronograph functionality, so we focused mostly on those. 

Also important to consider is Batman’s demeanor. He’s very serious and often shouting. We honestly find him to be rather abrasive and probably not a lot of fun to go out with. We think this calls for watches that carry with them an equally serious look and feel. 

For instance…

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Co-Axial Chronograph Dark Side of the Moon


Simply put, there’s no way a Speedmaster wasn’t going to end up on this list. They are perhaps the most obvious choice for a superhero’s watch. Built to withstand the rigors of space travel, they’re clearly strong enough, and the chronograph functions are absolutely top notch as well. 

This Dark Side of the Moon edition is especially perfect because of the all-black aesthetic. The luminous hands and markers make it easy to read in the dead of night, and Batman may be one of the few people out there who would actually make use of the stunningly detailed tachymetre. 

The black leather strap offers a more comfortable fit during hand to hand combat, and the red stitching on the underside adds a little bit of flare. We don’t care if you’re Batman. Everybody can use a little bit of flare on their luxury watches. 

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The Longines Conquest V.H.P. Black Carbon Fiber


Staying in the realm of black chronographs, this Conquest combines classic looks with incredibly slick modern trappings. For instance, the chronograph controls flanking the almost traditional looking crown are squared off and more button-like than we’re used to seeing, and it's a beautiful touch on this Longines watch

The three sub dials would be hard to read if it weren’t for the beautiful bezels surrounding each of them with stick markers. Some might actually look at that dial and think we’re making a misstep recommending it to Batman, but, again, everybody can use a little bit of flare. 

The black PVD coating is the real kicker for this piece, however. PVD is known for its durability, and, combined with the carbon fiber construction, Batman is getting one tough cookie with this watch. He’ll be able to BAM! and POW! his way across Gotham city without having to worry about dinging up the bracelet or case. 

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The Gucci Sync XXL Grey Dial 


Part of Batman’s arsenal is his image. That is, he uses his imposing costume and air of mystique, along with his reputation, to frighten criminals and give him the upper hand in a fight before it even starts. One thing that could use some work is his swagger, the final component to the presentation aspect of his crime fighting persona. 

Well, if it’s swagger you’re looking for, then Gucci watches should always be your first stop. In this case, we saw this Sync and knew it would be the perfect accessory for our dark knight. The XXL moniker isn’t an exaggeration, as this thing is pretty massive. However, it’s big in a way that still hugs the wrist, so it maintains a relatively low profile while still having an imposing presentation. 

It’s not a chronograph, so Batman will have to rely on his bat computer to make up for the missing functionality, but he’ll certainly never have to look twice to know what time it is. A lot of action movies have scenes where the hero chases the villain into a crowded nightclub filled with dancing civilians, and they have to push their way through the young people for a little while before catching sight of the villain escaping through a door next to the stage. That’s exactly where a Gucci men's watch like this will come in handy, being a statement piece that says “Hey there, dancing young people. Make way for this guy’s massive swagger and take some pics for your social media while you’re at it.” 

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Watches for Bruce Wayne

On the other side of the complex character that is Batman, we have his civilian persona in Bruce Wayne. Bruce is the exact opposite of the dark knight in a lot of ways. He’s easy going, smooth as butter, and has no problem at all slipping into conversation with VIPs at high-end charity galas in skyscraper ballrooms. 

It goes to follow that the watches Bruce wears will also be the opposite of Batman’s. They’ll be a little flashier and emphasize class, elegance, and luxury over functionality. In other words, they’ll be the eye candy. 

The Hublot Classic Fusion 45mm 40 Years Anniversary Black Dial


When we saw this Classic Fusion, we knew that was it. This is the watch Bruce Wayne would wear. 

The silver tone case is the pinnacle of class, and the industrial bolt look only elevates that. The black dial is free of any kind of markers or distractions, making it the peak of elegance. 

This isn’t a watch you wear to a black tie event. This Swiss-made masterpiece is the black tie event. While the design is minimalist, it has “billionaire playboy” written across it in a giant font that matches the massive 45mm diameter. 

Like Bruce, Hublot watches are masters at saying a whole lot with just a little, and what you’re getting with the Classic Fusion is an entire dissertation on how to be the best dressed man in a room. 

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The TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02 Batman Bezel


Another thing that Bruce Wayne is notorious for is his wry sense of humor, so of course he’d get a major kick out of wearing a watch with “Batman” in the title. 

The name comes from the color scheme along the bezel. Blue and black represents some of the more classic costume looks of the Batman character, and they’re really stunning when slapped on a high-end Carrera like this one. 

Like Bruce, the dial displays a layer of complexity beneath the facade with a skeletal view into the inner workings of the Calibre Heuer 02 automatic movement. Laid out on top of that are three sub dials in true TAG fashion (this is a racing watch, after all), and the chronograph controls are made ultra accessible via their positioning on the side of the watch. 

The polished steel bracelet adds a lot to the look while making the Batman blue and black accessible for any outfit combination. 

We do worry a little that the metaphor may be just a tad too on the nose, and dangerous party guests like Selina Kyle (AKA Catwoman) might catch on to the joke. 

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