A Guide to TAG Heuer for Men

Posted by Chris on Friday, March 5, 2021

In 1911, Swiss clock master Edouard Heuer patented the first dashboard chronograph for use in automobiles and aircraft, forever changing the relationship between speed and time. 

Over a century later, TAG Heuer continues that legacy by designing and crafting watches that push the boundaries of both fashion and functionality. Carrying with them a long-standing relationship with the world of Formula 1 racing, TAG Heuer proves time and time again that the journey is the destination. 

These watches are statement pieces, and that statement is luxury, speed, and adventure all in one breath. There’s no such thing as a bored man wearing a TAG Heuer on his wrist, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have one on yours at this very moment. 

So let’s take a look at some TAG Heuer watches that are sure to break your sound barrier. 

The Connected Modular 45 Black

It doesn’t feel right to call TAG Heuer’s Connected series a smart watch. Featuring modular faces, the adventurous man can show off a distinguished chronograph-styled dial for a dinner party, and then switch to a laser beam red display for the high-speed escape to a more enjoyable engagement. Adaptable to reflect the spirit of any adventure, it’s more like a sharp watch for smart men. 

The Monaco Chronograph

The Grand Prix of watches, the Monaco Chronograph is a swiss-built masterpiece that evokes the feeling of racing circuits through French streets. The bold square bezel provides visibility, both for you and your cheering spectators. The leather strap fits snugly around the wrist, able to handle even the tightest turns, and the automatic self-winding mechanism means that this watch will never have to slow down for a pit stop. 

The Formula 1 Gulf Special Edition  

The thrum of the engine. The thrill of the crowd blurring together with the scenery. Rubber wheels kissing the asphalt in a fragile relationship that’s speeding toward the finish line. The Formula 1 Gulf Special Edition watch is all of these things and more. Light blue and red racing stripes streak across the deep blue dial while minutes, hours, and seconds tick away across three subdials. The blue calfskin leather fits like it was made specifically for the contours of your wrist. This isn’t just a racing watch, it’s the first place trophy. 

The Carrera Calibre 5 

The first combat pilots were known as the gentlemen of the air, showing mutual respect to each other born from the thrill of being pioneers in their aerial contests. The Carrera Calibre 5 marks its wearer as such a gentleman: fearless in spirit but refined with dignity and elegance that can only be truly recognized through the eyes of his peers. This watch presents a classic understated look that carries behind it the precision and ingenuity of true Swiss craftsmanship, accented by a brown alligator leather strap for just the barest hint of a thirst for excitement. 

There are many more TAG Heuer watches to choose from at Watchmaxx. Rev your engines and go here to find the piece that perfectly matches your speed. 

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