June 19th Is National Watch Day!

Posted by Chris on Friday, June 10, 2022
national watch day

If we had to rank the most important holidays, like most people we’d put National Watch Day at #1. 

Now, we’re reasonable people here at WatchMaxx. We understand that there are a lot of folks out there who simply aren’t aware that National Watch Day exists. Or maybe they’ve heard of it, but aren’t sure when or how it’s supposed to be celebrated. That’s okay, it’s not their fault. The fact is that there is a secret shadow cabal of sundial enthusiasts who’ve been working to suppress watch-related holiday celebrations for decades now. At least, that’s what our research has suggested. 

Anyways, what’s important is that we’re all celebrating it now. National Watch Day has overcome all odds to become one of the most beloved holidays in modern society. Part of this is certainly due to how incredibly fun it is to celebrate. 

So how exactly does one go about showing their National Watch Day spirit? Well, that’s the best part. You do it by splurging on a luxury watch. It could be a watch for yourself, or it could be for somebody else. Or maybe you have to buy a watch for somebody else so that they won’t get mad that you’re also buying a watch for yourself. 

However you choose to celebrate, it’s the thought that counts. And the watch. Actually, it’s definitely just the watch that counts. After all, it’s not National Thought Day. 

Anyways, to help you enjoy National Watch Day in the best way possible, we’ve put together a list of 5 cool watches directly from our expansive catalog that will get you into the luxury watch spirit. 

The Gucci G-Timeless King Snake 


Gucci does a really wonderful job of showing that a luxury watch is never just a watch. It’s a way to express ourselves and show off a small slice of who we are as individuals. It’s because of this that there’s no exaggeration whatsoever in calling luxury watches a form of art. 

This G-Timeless King Snake is a bold display of the fashion brand’s tendency to use natural beauty and splendor to decorate their pieces. The King Snake lives up to its name with the large serpent that winds its way across the entirety of the watch. 

We also really love the design of the dial. When it comes to Gucci watches, things are seldom done by the book. The horizontal texture on the dial, along with the pyramid shaped studs, shows off a magnificent eye for detail. 

Of all the Gucci watches, this piece will have you hissing with excitement on National Watch Day, that’s for sure. 

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The Baume & Mercier Baume Blue Dial Cotton Strap Women’s Watch


A good luxury watch will make you go starry eyed. A great one will go starry eyed right along with you. 

The entire inner perimeter of the dial is filled with cosmic delight, with stars and moons dotting the blue expanse. We’ve seen plenty of moonphase complications on the luxury watches that we get here, but this is the first where it’s the central attraction. And boy oh boy is it spectacular. 

The rose gold tone case and hands play perfectly with the stunning stellar backdrop, and the cotton strap is incredibly comfortable. 

If you’re looking to celebrate National Watch Day with a piece that will truly inspire you, this is one to consider. 

Order the Baume & Mercier Baume Blue Dial Cotton Strap Women’s Watch today and save 20%.

The Tissot Seastar 2000 Professional 


It’s almost impossible to celebrate National Watch Day without at least a nod to Tissot. The brand has done so much to bring Swiss luxury watches to the people with affordable prices that don’t compromise incredible quality. 

This Seastar is a beautiful piece that lives  up to its name with an oceanic theme on the dial that seems to have a motion of its own. The large sword shaped hands cut through the aquatic splendor with a smooth automatic movement, and the sturdy construction makes for a wonderful dive watch, should you be looking to get your feet wet. 

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The Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph Calibre Heuer 02


If your speed is more along the lines of “high power race car” levels of fast, then you’ll definitely want to consider celebrating National Watch Day with a Tag Heuer watch. There’s probably no other watchmaker out there that so completely captures the sense of finely tuned racing machine chic. 

The Monaco is one of our favorite Tag Heuer designs, with its unconventional square shape and ultra cool dial that looks like a race car’s instrument panel. The chronograph functionality makes this the perfect watch for timing how long people spend staring at your watch when they first see you. 

Get your Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph Calibre Heuer 02 from us and save 10%.

The Rolex Sky-Dweller Black Dial


If you’re really serious about National Watch Day, which we’re assuming you are because you wouldn’t be here otherwise, then there’s no better way to celebrate than with Rolex watches

Rolex is perhaps the most legendary and sought-after luxury watchmaker on the planet, and for good reason. Their watches are of a quality that is, perhaps, unmatched across the majority of mechanical creations in human history. They represent the pinnacle of the craft, and each Rolex watch is a masterpiece in its own right that will be cherished for generations. 

All that aside, even if this Sky-Dweller didn’t have Rolex stamped on it, it would still be an incredible watch. The dial is unique and exciting, with a date sub dial that’s like nothing we’ve really seen before. Brushed and polished 18kt gold makes up the bezel and the center stripe in the bracelet, adding a flare of opulence that will have people’s mouths hanging open. 

If you’re looking to make this the best watch-related holiday you’ve ever had, we strongly recommend picking up a Rolex watch

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