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Posted by Chris on Thursday, September 15, 2022
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You know who we haven't talked about in a while? TAG Heuer. We decided to rectify that by putting together another list of our favorite in-stock watches from the venerable high-speed watchmaker.

We love TAG Heuer watches because they make the most iconic racing-inspired watches around. In particular, we're talking about the Formula 1, a racing watch that's earned legendary status over the decades and is now an instantly recognizable staple in the world of luxury watches.

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 was first released in 1986 and was designed to be a robust, reliable and affordable watch. It quickly became popular with racing fans and anyone who wanted a stylish, yet tough watch.

Since then, the Formula 1 has undergone some changes. In 1997, TAG Heuer released the second generation of the watch, which featured a new case design and updated movement.

In 2004, the third generation was released with an even more modern look and feel. The most recent release is the fourth generation, which was introduced in 2016.

Today's Formula 1 watches are just as epic as ever, bringing a modern touch to a classic design that still knows how to get the engine going.

Of course, the whole racing theme that TAG Heuer watches are famous for is really just part of the story. The Swiss luxury watchmaker also makes styles that are as classy and dressy as anything else out there.

So, to give you a taste of the variety on offer by the masters over at TAG Heuer, we wanted to present you with a selection from our own stock here at WatchMaxx. Each of these watches is in-stock and ready to ship.

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Automatic Chronograph Grey Dial


One look at this beauty, and it's obvious why the Formula 1 has raced its way into so many hearts around the world. With a design that calls back to the instrument panels on race cars, these luxury watches live up to their namesake, both in looks and functionality.

This particular Formula 1 is a chronograph, meaning it's equipped with a stopwatch function in addition to telling time. This is a great feature for the racetrack so you can time your 1986 Toyota Tercel's best laps.

The stainless steel construction is, of course, top notch and ready for anything you throw at it. And while most Formula 1s are quartz powered, this chronograph has an automatic movement for those analog purists. All in all, it's the total package.

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The TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Silver Dial


Named after the Carrera Panamericana, one of the most dangerous auto races in history, the TAG Heuer Carrera is a watch that's built for speed. But don't worry, it's not quite as life-threatening as the race that inspired it.

This particular Carrera features a sleek and elegant silver dial that's perfect for any formal or professional occasion. The stainless steel construction gives it a look of strength and sophistication, while the automatic movement ensures that it's always ticking away reliably.

At 42mm wide, it's got a nice big face that's easy to read. And with 100 meters of water resistance, you can take it swimming without having to worry.

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The TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300M Black Dial


If you're looking for a TAG Heuer watch that's built to take a beating, then look no further than the Aquaracer. This tough little number is designed for those with an adventurous spirit and a need for a reliable timepiece.

The Aquaracer is water resistant up to 300 meters, so you can take it diving, swimming, or even surfing without having to worry about it getting wet. The black dial is easy to read, even in low light conditions, and the dial itself is pattered to add an illusion of texture.

The unidirectional rotating bezel is a standout feature that screams "dive watch," and the stainless steel bracelet is both comfortable and stylish for even the most exclusive fashion balls in Atlantis.

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The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Lady 300M Yellow Gold & Steel


Of course there's no rule stating that a dive watch can't be absolutely fabulous and dripping with luxury, and this Aquaracer Lady is living proof.

The yellow gold and steel construction gives it a look of opulence, while the mother of pearl dial and diamond hour markers add a touch of femininity that's hard to resist. And at just 33mm wide, it's the perfect size for smaller wrists.

But don't let the pretty face fool you, this is still a TAG Heuer Aquaracer after all. It's water resistant up to 300 meters and features a unidirectional rotating bezel just like its tougher counterparts.

So whether you're diving for sunken treasure or simply making a splash at the local pool party, this watch has you covered.

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The TAG Heuer Autavia Chronometer Flyback Grey Dial


TAG Heuer's Autavia is a vintage-inspired watch that pays homage to the company's rich racing history.

The Autavia Chronometer Flyback features a striking grey dial that's loaded with features and a slick vintage racer aesthetic. The luxurious alligator leather strap is two-toned and incredibly comfortable.

But what really sets this watch apart is the flyback chronograph function. This allows you to time laps or races with ease, and resetting the stopwatch is as simple as a push of a button. It's a feature that's sure to come in handy, whether you're on the track or just timing your morning jog.

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