The Luxury Watch Lover's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Chris on Friday, November 12, 2021
The Luxury Watch Lover's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again, when the temperatures are dropping but the pressure is rising to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. That’s right, the holidays are just around the corner, and that means it’s time to do some shopping. 

All joking aside, though, we know the holidays aren’t really about giving and receiving gifts. They’re about spending time with the people who are close to your heart and sharing joy and nostalgia and soaking in the feelings of contentment with one another. 

It’s something that we can all use, especially after the past two years. We thought 2020 was going to be the worst of it, and here we are at the tail end of a second tumultuous year in a row. The pandemic continues to loom over every aspect of modern life, and, maybe even worse, our Bond movie script was officially turned down for production. 

So yes, this season’s holiday cheer is something everybody needs at least a little bit of, and that importance transcends the usual emphasis placed on gift giving. 

All that being said, it’s also an opportunity to really make somebody’s holiday with a gift that’s so perfectly chosen, immaculately on-point, and spectacularly wonderful that it can make them forget their worries and feel like, for one moment, everything is right in the world. 

We are, of course, talking about a luxury watch. 

In this guide, we will explore 10 such luxury watches that are so amazing that they will make anybody’s holiday one to remember. We’ve put together a shopping list of 5 men’s luxury watches and 5 women’s watches that truly are the best of the best and worthy of being called “The Greatest Gift Ever.”

More importantly, all of these watches have received the special WatchMaxx discounts that ensure you’re getting the best price possible on these wonderful masterworks of watchmaking. Of course, the person receiving the gift doesn’t need to know just how much you saved on their knockout present. That’s between you and us. 

So, without further ado...

Men’s Luxury Watches that Make for Great Holiday Gifts

The Citizen Corso Eco-Drive Chronograph


Citizen is a forward thinking Japanese watchmaker that’s always pushing the boundary between class and innovation. This Corso Eco-Drive is the perfect mixture of both, and the perfect holiday surprise for a man who’s fascinated by technological ingenuity. 

Powered by the brand’s signature eco-friendly movement, this Citizen watch has a battery in it that will never stop ticking. That’s because the Corso is powered entirely by light, an impressive feat considering the three sub dials and the impressive sweep of the second hand. 

The black dial is decorated with a faint grey pattern and rose gold tone accents that emphasize the luxury nature of the piece. The stainless steel case and bracelet offer the perfect counterpoints to the dial’s look and are built to withstand daily wear. That means this is a watch that can be worn every day, whether it’s to the grocery store or to the opera. 

Best of all, Citizen watches are known for their reasonable prices, and this is one of the cheapest entry points into the world of high-end luxury timepieces. Especially when you add in the WatchMaxx discount. 

Save 47% on the Citizen Corso Eco-Drive Chronograph when you buy today.

The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Black Dial 


Hamilton is a company that’s woven into the fabric of American lore dating back to the 19th century, and for good reason. The domestic watchmaker has been creating some of the best timepieces on the market for over a century, and today’s offerings are nothing less than incredible. 

The Khaki series in particular is fabled for its utility and use among military personnel, and the watches are well known to be dependable while still looking incredibly sharp. 

This Khaki Field keeps the tradition alive with an immaculate black dial with easy to read markings and a 24-hour clock to conveniently keep track of your day in military time. The Hamilton Caliber H-50 movement is incredibly accurate and features a 46 hour power reserve with manual winding so it can be recharged at any time. The beige fabric strap is stylish and resistant to any wear-and-tear, so it’s perfect for the more adventurous types as well as for casual wear. 

Get the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Black Dial today and save 30%

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Quartz Chronograph


TAG is known for their pedal to the metal racing watches, and the Formula 1 Quartz is the quintessential pace car for the brand’s aesthetic. 

The sub dials are presented in a way that makes them look like instrument dials from the inside of a race car. The main dial’s laser blue color scheme is intense and gives the feel of a well-oiled high speed machine while the red second hand gives the impression of pushing RPMs to their limit. The chronograph functionality makes this a true racer’s watch that allows you to always stay a lap ahead of the pack. 

If your special somebody is a guy who likes to spend life in the fast lane, this is the perfect watch for him. 

Save 15% when you order the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Quartz Chronograph today.

The Breitling Chronomat B01 Chronograph 42


The Breitling Chronomat is the perfect gift for somebody who has trouble keeping his feet on the ground and his head out of the clouds, this aviator’s super watch is built for high altitudes with a heavy attitude. 

The sturdy stainless steel case is an absolute wonder on its own with a ratcheted rotating bezel that looks like it came straight out of a fighter jet. However, it’s the dial where the magic really happens. A fully featured tachymetre lines the perimeter while three sub dials adorn the black surface. Luminous hands and markers make reading the dial easy even when the light’s off in the cockpit. 

The strap completes the daredevil pilot’s aesthetic, making this a gift that will feel like an invitation to Top Gun come the holidays. 

Save 30% when you order your Breitling Chronomat B01 Chronograph 42 today. 

The Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Co-Axial Master Chronometer


Commonly referred to as “Moonwatches,” Omega’s Speedmasters are famous for being the first watches on the moon. Of course, as far as you’re concerned, the more proper nickname is “literally the best gift ever given.”

Speedmasters are highly sought after in the luxury watch collectors’ world. Their aesthetic is breathtaking, their construction is one of the wonders of the modern world, and their swagger is completely off the charts. 

This particular Speedmaster, the Moonphase, adds a touch of magic with the inclusion of a moon phase tracker on the lovely black dial at 6 o’clock. While there are other luxury watches out there with moon phase complications, there are perhaps none that pull it off so well. The display of the moon phase is complete with the addition of a twinkling starfield as a backdrop. 

The rest of the watch is, of course, as immaculate as we’ve come to expect from the likes of Omega men's watches. The dial is complex but easily readable, the build quality is superb, and the controls are functional and feel great to use. 

Simply put, this is our pick for The Watch that we’d want this holiday season. In fact, we’d be completely over the moon, and so will your special man. 

Save $1,471 when you buy the Omega Speedmaster Moonphase today

The Best Gifts in Women’s Luxury Watches

The Movado Bold Ceramic Rose Gold-Tone Metallic Dial 


There are some who argue that roses are for Valentine’s Day, but we think they’re universal. Especially when it’s rose-gold that we’re talking about. 

This Movado women's watches masterpiece is a rose-gold toned wonderland of gleaming luxury and the perfect gift for a woman who prizes elegance. The minimalist design is a classic women's Movado watches staple, but that certainly doesn’t mean the look is understated. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the gold-plating stretches from end to end, broken only by the signature jeweled dot at 12 o’clock. 

Where high-end timepieces meet museum quality modern art, you’ll find the Movado Bold, and the perfect gallery is on the wrist of the woman who has captured your heart this holiday season. 

Save 28% on the Movado Bold Ceramic Rose Gold-Tone when you order today

The Gucci Maina Chain Black Dial Diamond Gold and Steel


This Gucci Maina Chain has a vintage feel that brings its own style of drama with a diamond encrusted linking bracelet that looks like it came straight from the wrist of a movie star. A beauty among Gucci watches.

The small black dial is perfectly understated, daring you to take a second glance, and the links leading off into the bracelet are perfect Gucci chic. The diamonds are tastefully embedded into the first link on each side so that they’re ready to dazzle, but they’re not going out of their way to announce their presence. After all, a real star lets the fans come to her, not the other way around. 

This is a Gucci watch for a woman of style, darling. And she’ll be expecting nothing less. 

Get your special lady’s Gucci Maina Chain Black Dial Diamond today and save 70%.

The Longines Record Automatic Diamond


Of course, there is the school of thought that, if you’re going with diamonds, you might as well have a lot of them. 

This elegant masterpiece from Longines takes that philosophy to heart with countless gleaming diamonds embedded around the perimeter of the bezel. Even within that blinding display of modern lux, the individual diamond hour markers manage to stand out against the delectably black dial, each one a display piece on its own.

If we had to pick one Longines watch that completely embodied the look and feel of “high-end Swiss opulence,” this gleaming masterwork of decadence would probably be our top choice. It’s a watch that says “I could have the moon, if I wanted it.” And while it may not be the moon, as a holiday gift it’s even better. 

Save 33% when you buy your Longines Record Automatic Diamond today

The Chanel J12 White Dial 


For the woman who’s always wanted her own private winter wonderland, this Chanel J12 is a veritable crowning achievement in snowy chic, a benchmark for Chanel Watches

White as the purest driven snow from tip to tip, we couldn’t help but feel a blizzard of excitement when we first laid eyes on the marvelously detailed while dial and bezel. Make no mistake, this watch is wintery, but it’s not the slightest bit cold. The patterned inner circle and meticulously made markings are as warm and expressive as anything, and the delicately sculpted second hand has a graceful quartz-driven sweep. 

All together, the J12 Chanel watch is a Swan Lake-level achievement of elegance and beauty that has to be seen to be believed. 

If she’s somebody who is more interested in the darker things in life, maybe with a little bit of mystery and intrigue, we suggest checking out the all-black J12 Phantom as an alternative. It's hard to go wrong with Chanel watches, but these two are among our favorites of the Chanel woman's watches.

Buy the Chanel J12 White Dial today and save 22%. 

Maybe One for You? We Won’t Tell. 

It’s tough to look at all these beautiful luxury watches and not feel a little bit of watch fever for yourself. We totally understand, trust us. We can hardly think about watches without getting the twinge to bring a new one home for our collection. 

Luckily for you, our catalogue of in-stock and ready-to-ship watches is bursting with inventory, so you’re sure to find the perfect piece to keep as your own. 

Is that going against the spirit of the holidays? We don’t think so. Being generous to yourself is just as important as giving the perfect gift to a loved one. After all, you’ve earned it this year. 

Happy Holidays from WatchMaxx. 

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