Why Omega Seamasters are the Real Stars of Bond Movies

Posted by Chris on Friday, October 15, 2021
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Some time ago, we wrote our own James Bond movie script. We think it’s really good, so we’ll share a snippet with you.

Scene: James Bond is being led into the control room of the evil Mr. Nono’s lair, arms tied in front of him and flanked by two minions. 

As they enter the control room, Bond’s face is lit up by the glow of dozens of security monitors lining the walls. Mr. Nono is standing and facing Bond with a lurid smile on his face. 

Mr. Nono: Well, Bond. It appears your luck has run out. Now I will permit you to watch my genius plan unfold as I simultaneously launch laser-filled hot air balloons around all of the world’s capital cities. What do you say to that?

Bond: I say your mother would be disappointed, Nono. 

Mr. Nono: Don’t talk about my mother! If she’d have just given me my father’s inheritance like I asked, none of this would be happening!

Bond: Now now, Nono. Don’t go losing your cool over some mommy issues. [close up shot of Bond’s twinkling blue eyes]

Mr. Nono: Mommy issues? I’ll show you mommy issues! Minion 7, prepare to launch the...wait. What is that?

[Nono walks over to Bond and cautiously inspects his wrist]

Bond: Oh, this? It’s my Omega Seamaster 300m. 

Mr. Nono: Wow. That’s both the coolest and classiest watch I’ve ever seen. 

Bond: It’s my favorite watch. I can get you one at a great price if you’ll just untie me. 

Mr. Nono: Hmmm. Okay, yes that sounds like an acceptable proposition. Minion 9, untie Mr. Bond and cancel the launch!

Minion 9: Yes, Mr. Nono. 

[End scene]

As you can see, it’s a great script. We’ve actually been sending it to the producers over at Eon Productions twice a month for some years now, but we have yet to hear back for some reason. 

Anyways, at WatchMaxx we’re big James Bond fans. We understand the films on a literary level. You see, they’re not actually about James Bond, his love interests, or even the villains. James Bond movies are actually all about the watches. The Omega Seamaster watches. It’s pretty deep if you really think about it. 

The so-called villains are really just red herrings to distract the viewer from analyzing Bond’s relationships with his high-end luxury timepieces. However, if you look closely enough, you’ll be able to uncover the rich personal histories he shares with each of his watches. 

Legend has it that Roger Moore became too immersed in the role while filming the 1979 masterpiece Moonraker and actually fell in love with his Seiko M354 Memory Bank Calendar off the set. A relationship counselor had to be brought in to break the couple up so that filming could resume. 

Honestly, though, who could blame him? 

Seamaster Royale

While the origins of Bond films are found in both Rolex watches and Seiko watches, Goldeneye changed the game by exclusively featuring Omega Seamaster watches. It makes sense if you think about it. Seamasters are built tough, but maintain a low profile and a classy look, just like Mr. Bond himself. 

It’s not just the looks that give Omega Seamasters their MI6 cred, either. They’re actually designed as military watches, and have even been used by the British in an official capacity for a number of years. They’re utilitarian through and through. 

As it happens, we have a great selection of our own Omega Seamasters in stock here at the store, and we sometimes like to sit down and argue about which of them would make the best lead in the next Bond film. 

Because those arguments can get a little heated, we thought we’d just list them here and let you be the judge. 

The Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m GMT


This Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra does an incredible job of combining modern and classic looks into one knockout of a watch. 

The laser blue dial punches through any visual noise to draw the eye, standing out in even the most intense explosion filled speedboat chase scenes. The red-lined triangle at the tip of the second hand adds a dash of the unexpected, something that will be a big hit with theater audiences who get to see it on the big screen. 

The case and the blue crocodile leather are the classic additions and really cement this piece as a watch fit for a tuxedo-clad super spy. We can’t imagine Rotten Tomatoes giving the Omega Seamster Aqua Terra any less than a 99%. 

Buy your Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m GMT today and save 25%.

The Seamaster Diver 300m Co-Axial Master Chronometer


We’re all in agreement here that, should the next Bond film take place in a casino, this is the perfect watch for the leading role on the wrist of the suave spy extraordinaire. 

The black and gold color scheme across the dial and the bezel are classy and luxurious. They say “Oh, I have the money and the cool I need to play this $50,000 game of poker, but I’m really here for the scenery (spy talk for scoping out a suspect).” 

What we really love about the gold tone is how it shoots down in twin parallel lines throughout the entirety of the steel bracelet, so the wow factor can be seen from all angles. This is absolutely perfect for any shots involving Mr. Bond holding his cards close to his chest while muttering into the two-way radio that Q has no doubt installed in the bezel. 

What really gets us, however, is the edgy look of the skeletal hands. Some might even argue that they’re too edgy and will give away the fact that our hero isn’t at the casino simply to gamble. 

Save 20% today when you buy your Seamaster Diver 300m Co-Axial Master Chronometer

The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Deep Black


Now you might notice that the aesthetic of the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M doesn’t really pop like the others, and that’s the point. James Bond is, at the end of the day, a super spy who does a lot of work where being noticed is a bad thing. 

This “Deep Black” is exactly what the doctor ordered for situations such as donning a wetsuit and infiltrating an evil secret lair via the water intake on the side of the base’s rocky remote island. It can even be fitted by Q with some sort of laser device for cutting through any grating. In fact, the 45.5mm case could probably be fitted with all sorts of neat gadgets. 

The red and blue accents will keep things interested though when Bond does have to mingle with his high society targets. The dial’s black slate look does a good job of diffusing light in a way that makes it hard to pin down what’s happening for any never-do-wells who might be trying to catch a glimpse of the time from afar. 

Get your Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Deep Black today and save 22%.

The Seamaster Diver 300m Co-Axial Master Chronometer Blue Dial Sedna Gold


There’s been a lot of talk about who will play the new Bond now that Daniel Craig has said his farewell, and we have just the actor for the part. 

Now it’s no secret that a lot of people are sad to see Mr. Craig go. He embodied Bond so well that it seems almost impossible to find a successor that will live up to his portrayal. So we thought, heck, maybe it shouldn’t be played by a person at all. Why not cut out the middleman, as it were, and just get straight to the chase by casting a Seamaster as the new James Bond?

We think this Blue Dial Sedna Gold Diver is perfect for the part. The stunning blue that washes across the entire dial, bezel, and strap will carry on the blue eyed legacy of Daniel Craig while the gold tone accents will maintain the sex appeal.  

Like we mentioned earlier, Omega Seamaster watches share the same characteristics as the super spy anyway, so there’s no reason this watch wouldn’t be up to the task. 

Just imagine it. A high-society dinner party at a duke’s mansion, and in strolls this luxury Swiss sparkling blue Omega Seamaster, completely sure of itself and adjusting its cufflinks with a smirk on its face. We’re talking a major blockbuster hit. 

Even better, you don’t just have to watch the movie. You can take a part of it home with you to live out your dreams of being in your own spy thriller! 

Buy your Seamaster Diver 300m Co-Axial Master Chronometer Blue Dial Sedna Gold today and save 18%.  

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