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Posted by Jim on Monday, January 8, 2024
big bang hublot watches

Immerse yourself in the opulent world of Hublot's Big Bang collection, a symphony of haute horlogerie where innovation meets extravagance. Each timepiece in this illustrious series is a masterpiece, embodying the pinnacle of craftsmanship and avant-garde design. The Big Bang collection is a daring expression of artistry, merging cutting-edge materials with intricate mechanics, wrapped in a bold aesthetic that captivates and fascinates. Hublot has masterfully crafted these watches to be storytellers of individuality and luxury, making every second a spectacle of grandeur.

A Brief History of Hublot

Hublot emerged in the world of luxury watches in 1980, a creation of the visionary Carlo Crocco. This Swiss watchmaking house distinguished itself by introducing the first natural rubber strap in the industry, marking a significant innovation in watch design. The brand, steeped in the ethos of fusion, marries traditional Swiss watchmaking with contemporary materials and techniques. The introduction of the Big Bang in 2005 marked a transformative era for Hublot, melding elegant aesthetics with groundbreaking craftsmanship. This milestone led to a series of exceptional timepieces, each reflecting a commitment to artistry and technological prowess, securing Hublot's place in the annals of haute horlogerie.

The Hublot Big Bang, a beacon in the universe of luxury watchmaking, was launched in 2005, marking a new epoch in Hublot's journey. This iconic model has become an emblem of both modern and timeless watch design. The Big Bang echoes elements of Hublot's original 1980 model, such as the hooded lugs with exposed screws, the rubber strap, and a bezel inspired by a ship's porthole, a design paying homage to the '70s and '80s style. "Hublot," in fact, is French for "porthole." The launch of the Big Bang at Baselworld was a pivotal moment, where the brand's fusion ethos was dramatically amplified, making a significant impact in the horological sphere and stirring a mix of acclaim, controversy, and intrigue​​.

Here are some of the very best of the Big Bang series of watches.

Hublot Big Bang 44mm 18K Rose Gold Ceramic Bezel Rubber Strap Men's Watch


This Hublot Big Bang 44mm 18k Rose Gold is a timepiece that encapsulates the grandeur of the cosmos. Its black dial is a canvas, akin to the endless night sky, speckled with gold-toned hour markers and hands, mirroring distant constellations. The rose gold bezel, lustrous and imposing, resembles the golden glow of a supernova, radiating a majestic aura.

The black rubber strap provides comfort and resilience, much like the unyielding path of a celestial body through space. This watch is not merely a timekeeping device; it's a tribute to the vast, mysterious universe. Every aspect of its design, from the robust casing to the intricate mechanics, reflects the awe-inspiring wonders of space. It is a perfect blend of modern engineering and artistic vision, offering a unique, interstellar experience on the wrist. 

Like a journey through the Milky Way, this Hublot watch invites admiration and exploration, revealing new facets and details with each glance. The elegance and precision in its craftsmanship make it a prized possession for any aficionado, a watch that doesn't just tell time but narrates a saga of cosmic beauty.

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Hublot Big Bang 44mm Classic Steel Black Chronograph Rubber Strap Men's Watch


This Hublot Big Bang Classic Steel Chronograph evokes the thrill and mystery of space exploration. This timepiece is reminiscent of a spacecraft designed for the elite astronaut, with its robust stainless steel case symbolizing the durable exterior of a space shuttle. The black dial mirrors the vast expanse of space, vast and unexplored, punctuated by silver-toned hour markers and hands that resemble stars shimmering against the dark cosmic canvas. The sapphire crystal, strong and clear, offers a view into this celestial wonder much like the porthole of a spacecraft, providing a glimpse of the universe's infinite beauty.

The bezel, secured by six H-shaped screws, brings to mind the intricate details of a space station's solar panels, essential for harnessing energy in the void of space. The black rubber strap ensures a grip as secure as a space suit's tether in zero gravity, ensuring the watch remains firmly on the wrist during interstellar adventures. Each tick of this Hublot model is like a precise thruster maneuver, guiding the wearer through time with the accuracy and reliability demanded in the vacuum of space.

As one gazes upon this watch, it's easy to envision an astronaut meticulously charting a course through galaxies, with the Big Bang as a constant companion on their wrist, a symbol of human achievement and the unyielding quest for discovery. This watch is not just a timepiece; it is a tribute to the spirit of exploration, a nod to the brave souls who venture into the unknown, and a celebration of the technological advancements that make such journeys possible. It captures the essence of space travel – resilience, precision, and the pursuit of the extraordinary.

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Hublot Big Bang 38mm Diamond Bezel White Strap Women's Watch


The Hublot Big Bang Diamond Bezel Women’s Watch conjures images of a celestial journey beyond the Earth's atmosphere. Its pristine white ceramic case and bezel resemble a spacecraft's sleek, futuristic design, effortlessly navigating through the Milky Way. The white dial, minimalist yet striking, calls to mind the tranquil expanse of a lunar surface, untouched and serene. Its diamond-studded bezel sparkles like distant stars against the void of space, each gem a reminder of the vast mysteries of the universe.

This watch embodies the spirit of an astronaut embarking on a lunar mission, where each moment is a step into uncharted realms. The transparent sapphire crystal back offers a rare glimpse into the watch's inner workings, akin to observing the intricate systems of a space station. The white rubber strap provides comfort and resilience, crucial for enduring the rigors of space travel. Every element of this Hublot model, from the luminescent hands to the precise quartz movement, reflects a journey through time and space, offering the wearer a piece of the cosmos on their wrist. This watch is an invitation to dream, explore, and conquer new horizons.

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In conclusion, the Hublot Big Bang series is a testament to human ingenuity, blending luxury with the spirit of cosmic exploration. Each model in this illustrious collection is a marvel, capturing the essence of space travel and the wonders of the universe. From the grandeur of the 44mm 18K Rose Gold Ceramic Bezel Men's Watch to the intricate detail of the 38mm Diamond Bezel Women's Watch, Hublot offers more than just timepieces; these watches are portals to the stars. They embody the relentless pursuit of excellence and the human desire to explore beyond our world, making each Hublot Big Bang watch not just an accessory, but a companion in life's extraordinary adventures.

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