5 Sailing Watches Worthy of Being Your First Mate

Posted by Chris on Friday, July 9, 2021

When it comes time to venture into the open sea, a sailing watch can be the tool that makes all the difference. 

Sailing watches generally contain some staple features that set them apart from the average luxury timepiece. For starters, they’re always water resistant to at least 100m, a feature that’s also a defining aspect of diving watches.

In addition, they usually have chronograph functionality, including an independently sweeping second hand and stopwatch capability. A countdown timer is absolutely necessary for racing purposes, and this can either be represented as a subdial or markings on the rotating bezel. 

Durability also comes into play, as conditions on the water can vary greatly and the watch may have to withstand some abuse. 

Most importantly, however, a sailing watch needs to look great on the wrist. These are luxury watches we’re talking about, after all. 

So without further ado, we present our top 5 sailing watches, in stock and ready to ship!

The Breitling Navitimer 8 Chronograph


The Navitimer 8 Chronograph takes the concept of functionality to the next level. Featuring three easily readable white subdials, 60 second, 30 minute, and 12 hour, on a stunning black dial that is just reflective enough to make a statement, this piece is the sailor’s dream watch in a beautiful package. 

The polished stainless steel construction is nigh-invulnerable and the Breitling Caliber 01-powered automatic movement is a display of remarkable Swiss ingenuity. Whether you’re racing your yacht or just sailing for the pleasure of it, you’ll always feel like you’re in first place with this oceanic treasure on your wrist. 

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The Longines HydroConquest


Now sailing in the other direction from the Navitimer’s jam packed dial, the HydroConquest by Longines Watches is all about simplicity and style. The already beautiful black dial is made even more so with gold tone and luminous hands and markers, including large, easy to read numbers at 6, 9, and 12 o’clock. The gold tone theme continues to be sprinkled throughout the large, multi-functional crown and in a glittering stripe through the middle of the bracelet. 

However, don’t let the luxurious aesthetic give the impression that this watch is any less capable of standing up to the trials of sailing life. The sturdy construction boasts a water resistance of a whopping 300 meters, ensuring that your most timely shipmate will always keep its sea legs.

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The Oris Aquis Aquispro


Our favorite thing about this Aquis Aquispro is the dial. Appearing as a bright blue that recalls the oceanic depths, just the smallest bit of light creates a shimmering wave that contrasts the dial’s natural color. It gives the impression of being underwater and looking up at the sunlight. 

Of course, dial aside, there’s a lot going on with this piece. The water resistance is rated at 300 meters, so if it falls overboard, you can probably just retrieve it with a submarine and the watch won’t be any worse for wear. 

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The Tudor Black Bay Chrono


Tudor’s Black Bay Chrono is proof that black is once again the new black. And we might be underselling the black part here, because the Black Bay’s aesthetic is more like a void where no light or color are permitted to escape, save for a touch of gold tone found in the dual subdials and markings on the perimeter and bezel. Chic is a word that could be used for this piece, or maybe just “mind blowingly beautiful.” 

But sailing watches have to do more than look amazing, and the Black Bay holds its own as a functional piece as well among Tudor watches. The subdials feature minute and second functionality, and the stopwatch controls along the side are there for utility as much as looks. The black nato strap is tough and able to stay strapped to the wrist under the harshest conditions.

The Tudor Black Bay will serve as your raised black flag that lets the other boats know you’re coming, and they’d better be ready to get out of your way. 

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The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M


What’s black and white and lux all over? The Omega Seamaster, of course. 

This beauty features a streamlined design that skips out on all the frivolous noise to provide the wearer with a sleek, sharp watch that lives up to its name. The all black dial is framed by a white and black rotating bezel and a case that’s built like a tank. A very fashionable tank, but still just as sturdy. 

The Seamaster is rated for 600 meters of water resistance, but it’s so stunning to look at that you’ll never want to let this Omega watch drop from your wrist. The black alligator leather strap even has a rubber lining to drive home the fact that it’s built to be worn at the helm on the wrist of the world’s most stylish captain. 

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