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Posted by Chris on Thursday, January 5, 2023
zenith luxury watches

Zenith watches are some of the most luxurious and sought-after luxury timepieces in the world. From their classic designs to their innovative advancements, these watches have been a symbol of refined sophistication for decades. Whether you're looking for an everyday dress watch or a special piece for your collection, Zenith will always provide you with a stylish yet timeless piece.

Of course, everything we said above could, for the most part, also be said about the other big name luxury watch brands. So what is it, exactly, that sets Zenith watches apart in such a spectacular way? Or, in other words, why are we so in love with Zenith?

Let's explore.

The Origins of Zenith

Zenith was founded in 1865 by Georges Favre-Jacot, a 22 year old watchmaker from Switzerland. He opened his own workshop with the intention of making high quality watches that could last for generations. To do this, he used the finest materials and parts available at the time and held each component to precision standards. By doing so, he was able to create watches with unparalleled accuracy and craftsmanship that are still revered today.

The Legacy of Zenith

Zenith watches have been at the forefront of the watchmaking industry for over 150 years. During this time, they have pioneered some of the most significant advancements in the field, such as creating one of the world's first automatic chronographs and the world's thinnest mechanical movement.

These technological breakthroughs have shaped the way watches are designed and manufactured today, and they have allowed the company to create some of the most sophisticated pieces in existence. Zenith has also been instrumental in developing new materials such as ceramics and titanium that are used in the construction of their watches.

Zenith's dedication to excellence and innovation has earned them numerous awards throughout the years, including the Grand Prix at the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1900 and the highest award from Swiss watchmaking’s Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH).

The Designs of Zenith

Zenith watches have a wide range of styles, from classic dress watches to sporty chronographs. They pair innovative materials and movements with timeless designs that are as classic today as they were when the company was founded in 1865.

Zenith watches' skeletal dial designs are particularly fascinating. The open-worked dials allow you to clearly see the machinery beneath and appreciate the intricate craftsmanship of each watch. This feature is a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation, as it highlights its expertly manufactured components and allows viewers to observe how their mechanisms work in real time.

The Future of Zenith

Zenith is committed to honoring the brand's legacy while pushing the boundaries of modern watchmaking. They have recently launched a variety of new collections, such as the Pilot and El Primero Stratos series, which blend traditional styling with modern materials and movements for truly unique timepieces.

Furthermore, Zenith is looking toward the future by introducing smartwatch technologies into its traditional mechanical watches. The Zenith Elite Connected is the first ever connected hybrid watch, featuring a mechanical movement and an integrated digital module powered by Google's Wear OS.

Zenith truly has something for everyone, from classic dress pieces to sporty chronographs and even smartwatches. By combining their passion for excellence with a dedication to innovation, Zenith has cemented its place as one of the world's leading watchmakers.

And now, the best part. Let's take a look at some of the amazing Zenith watches that we have in stock and ready to ship at WatchMaxx. Prepare to fall in love.

The Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Open 42mm Dial Black Leather Strap


Like we mentioned earlier, Zenith's unwavering commitment to designs that are both unique and exciting is one of the major reasons they're so beloved, and this piece is no exception. We absolutely love the beautiful open-worked dial, sleek black leather strap and intricate mechanical movement.

Get your Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Open 42mm Dial today and save 25%.

The Zenith Pilot Cronometro Tip CP-2 Flyback Grey Dial Green Leather Strap


This rugged yet elegant timepiece is perfect for the adventurous type who loves to put their watch through its paces. It features a stainless steel case and green leather strap, plus a Flyback chronograph movement with a power reserve indicator.

The pilot watch influence is unmistakable, but the sheer mouth watering style on display goes beyond any fantasies of piloting a craft through the clouds.

Get your Zenith Pilot Cronometro Tip CP-2 Flyback Grey Dial Green Leather Strap today and save 32%.

The Zenith Defy El Primero 21 Skeleton Dial Ceramic Chronograph


While the Chronomaster El Primero above features a small open heart portal into the inner working of the watch on the dial, this El Primero 21 goes all out with an entirely skeletonized dial that leaves no secrets hidden.

This gorgeous timepiece features an all black ceramic case, a skeleton dial and an El Primero automatic movement. The combination of the fine materials used to create this watch and its beautiful design transcends traditional notions of beauty and sophistication.

Get your Zenith Defy El Primero 21 Skeleton Dial Ceramic Chronograph today and save 15%.

The Zenith Elite Moonphase Slate Grey Dial Leather Strap


At WatchMaxx, we've never tried to hide our unfettered appreciation for a good moonphase complication. It's with great happiness, then, that we can say that the Elite Moonphase ticks all the boxes, and then some, with a light slate grey dial, an alligator leather strap and an Elite 692 automatic movement.

The combination of these elements is truly mesmerizing, and we have no doubt that this timepiece will draw many admiring gazes down from the glowing moon during its lifetime.

Get your Zenith Elite Moonphase Slate Grey Dial Leather Strap today and save 35%.

The Zenith Heritage Lady Ultra Thin Moon Phase 18kt Rose Gold


Of course, sometimes you just want pure in-your-face luxury that makes an unmistakable statement. The Zenith Heritage Lady Ultra Thin Moon Phase does just that, with its 18kt rose gold case and bracelet, blue dial, and diamond hour markers.

The Elite 670SK automatic movement is reliable and accurate as always, plus it has a power reserve indicator in the form of a moonphase display at 6 o'clock.

It's opulent, totally unnecessary, also absolutely 100% necessary, and it belongs on your wrist.

Get your Zenith Heritage Lady Ultra Thin Moon Phase 18kt Rose Gold today and save 39%.

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