Your Guide to Gucci Watches

Posted by Chris on Friday, March 26, 2021

Gucci is a part of the universal lexicon of fashion. You can wear the brand anywhere in the world and turn heads. 

The company has come a long way from their humble beginnings as a leather and goods shop in 1920s Florence. We sometimes have to wonder if founder Guccio Gucci ever imagined his name would be displayed as a badge of honor at high profile awards shows, or shown off in music videos. 

Gucci watches, in particular, are so striking and unique that we can’t take our eyes off of them. Featuring a stunning variety of designs that live on the peak of fashion, they take chances that always pay off. We can’t think of many luxury watch brands doing the sorts of things that Gucci does. 

Perhaps the most astounding feature of Gucci men's watches and Gucci watches for women is how affordable they are. Many of these incredible pieces are below $1000! 

Let’s go through some of our favorites, both for men and women. To be honest, almost any Gucci watch could be on this list, but these are the handful that we dream about at night. 

Gucci Watches for Men

The Dive Black Snake Dial


Sometimes, being fashionable means adding a little bite to your look. The Dive Black Snake Dial adds even more than that. Featuring a winding black viper across the dial surrounded by stark white orbs, this watch is for a guy who likes to feel a little bit dangerous. The black, white, and silver color scheme is broken up with a hint of red and blue along the first quarter of minute markers, and a green second hand draws the eye as it glides its way across the black dial like a sliver of venom.


The Grip Black Dial


There’s a lot to take in with this Gucci men's watch. Or maybe it’s the watch taking you in? Either way, it’s not easy to pull your eyes away from the darker than the darkest night dial. When you do manage to take in the rest of the watch, you’ll definitely notice that this isn’t your grandfather’s timepiece. The dual window design and lack of revolving hands is a welcome twist on classic design standards, and the outer chronograph adds a touch of light to the dial that keeps you spinning. 

The Dive White Dial


While the Dive Black Snake Dial is all about danger and mystery, the white dial version is pure beauty. Featuring the Gucci tiger at center dial, large and in charge, this is a pristine wonderland of snow-white style. The white rubber strap ties everything together.


Gucci Watches for Women

Le Marche Des Merveilles


Loosely translated, Le Marche Des Merveilles means “The Wonder Factory,” a theatrical name for a line of watches featuring dramatic designs. This particular model showcases a black, white, and red snake that coils its way up the black leather strap and into the dial. Snakes are often misunderstood creatures, but there will be no misunderstandings when you’re wearing this Gucci watch for women. Sleek, elegant, with just a hint of danger, people will know that there’s a lot more to you than meets the eye.  


The Diamantissima Gold Plated Pearl Dial


The Diamantissima is a crowning achievement in fashion and class, with a unique design that finds the lugs suspended from the case. The gold plating is glamorous and flawless, and the mother of pearl dial puts luxury front and center, something we've come to expect from Gucci women's watches.


The G-Timeless Pink Diamond Dial


There are two things we love - the color pink and diamonds! Luckily for those who agree with us (everybody), Gucci has embraced that love with this stunning G-Timeless with a pink dial and diamond hour markers. The Gucci tiger is front and center in the dial, but your eyes will probably first go straight to the diamonds, glittering and flawless in their presentation on the absolutely unbelievable pink mother of pearl backdrop.


The Maina Chain Black Dial


This stunning Maina Chain is Gucci's love letter to opulence and luxury, featuring a breathtaking two-tone gold and steel aesthetic that makes a statement with an exclamation point. Beware, though. Wearing this knockout will absolutely draw all eyes directly to you at every occasion, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

We have so many spectacular Gucci watches that we’re sure we’d kick ourselves over just how many were left off the list. You owe it to yourself to browse our full selection and see them for yourself. 

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