Why Baume & Mercier is the Baume Dot Com

Posted by Chris on Friday, August 13, 2021

Baume & Mercier is a watchmaker that’s at the top of their game when it comes to luxury sport watches, and we do love our luxury sport watches here at WatchMaxx. Of course, we love all kinds of watches. If there was such a thing as tapdancing watches, we’d love those too.

However, when it comes to luxury sport watches, Baume & Mercier, or Baume et Mercier for the more formal folks out there, make some of our absolute favorites. 

Notice how we keep saying luxury sport here, because that’s what really sets these watches at the front of the pack. While Baume & Mercier make a pretty nice variety of sport watches, these are all unmistakably, and completely unashamedly, luxury pieces. We’re talking the upper echelons of Swiss craftsmanship and glittering bucket-list-worthy timepieces. 

While all of their sport watches are luxury, you could also say that all of their luxury watches are sport. That is, they’re watches you’ll want to be sporting on your arm. 

The quality and status of Baume et Mercier watches isn’t an accident, nor are they riding the wave of a recent fashion fad. The company has been around since the 1830s, spending decades upon decades honing their craft and building layer upon layer of a rich tapestry of masterful watchmaking. 

Each piece is an exclamation mark at the end of a tale that’s been going on for almost two hundred years. And you, dear reader, are lucky enough to have the chance to make a piece of that story one with your own. 

Let’s take a look at a handful of our favorites from among our Baume & Mercier watches

The Clifton Automatic Limited Edition Indian Grey Dial


Baume et Mercier collaborated with Indian Motorcycle to create a special edition of their iconic Clifton series. We don’t know how anybody could look at this without really feeling it in their RPMs. 

The beautiful slate-grey dial is sleek and sexy, and the gold tone second hand adds a splash of elegance to the otherwise very masculine looking adventure watch. The partially open design gives the wearer just a glimpse into the inner workings, and the brown leather strap maintains a vintage feel. 

The Indian Motorcycle logo is stamped on the back of the case. 

Indian motorcycles are drenched in a spirit and American mythos of adventure and the open road, and that feeling is perfectly translated here in this special edition Clifton. So what are you waiting for? Strap on your goggles and allons-y!

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The Classima Automatic 18kt Rose Gold Steel Women’s Watch 


Okay, now it’s time to shift gears a little and stop to smell the roses. Well, make that the rose gold. 

This piece is what we like to call a classic beauty. The mother of pearl dial is flawless, and the gold roman numerals and the glittering diamond hour markers are timeless in their aesthetic. 

But let’s back up and talk about the obvious eye-catcher. The 18kt rose gold case is absolutely stunning. It's a perfect display of refined luxury and just a taste of opulence.

So why are we talking about this piece after two very action-oriented watches? Well, we wanted to show that Baume & Mercier can slow things down when they need to. They’re certainly no strangers to black tie events, and they can handle themselves in every sort of situation. 

However, you know from their road-tested pedigree that even their daintiest piece is built to withstand the most tempestuous circumstances. It just so happens that this Classima can do it with class. 

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The Capeland Chronograph 42mm Automatic Black Dial Leather Strap


We’re hesitant to present another chronograph, but... actually no, we’re not hesitant at all. We love chronographs! And Baume & Mercier make some of the best out there. Take this Capeland for example. 

The most outstanding feature to us is the way the polished steel case and crown make this piece look like it would be at home in the palm of a hand, waiting for the shot of the starting gun. This is a watch that’s meant to be used, and those chronograph controls are meant to be pushed. 

The dial is a classic black with three subdials and a creatively placed assortment of numerical hour markers. The tachymeter scale is on the outer rim of the dial rather than on a bezel, which means there is a lot of information packed into that space without it feeling crowded. 

The strap is black alligator leather for a comfortable fit that still carries a bite. 

Get ready. Get set. Go get yourself a chronograph that will make your heart race like this one does ours. 

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The Clifton Black Dial Leather Strap


This Clifton is a bit different from all the others. The first thing you might notice is the incredibly modern design of the case, the way it seems to flow seamlessly into the lugs. 

The dial is different as well, featuring a single subdial and a spectacular open heart at 9 o’clock that eats up a bit of the minute markers on the perimeter. Even the chronograph controls are missing, with a single crown that sits neatly in the site of the case. 

It’s an unconventional design, to say the least, and proof that Baume et Mercier can succeed in designs that don’t fit the classic standard of what a watch should look like. 

It’s sexy, it’s aerodynamic, and it looks like it’s fast. We don’t mean the time is fast. It’s powered by a Baume & Mercier Calibre P591, after all. No, we mean it looks like it was built to move. It belongs on the wrist of the guy breaking the sound barrier, not the people timing him from the sidelines. 

Who wants to be on the sidelines anyways?

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If these watches only served to whet your appetite and you’re hungry for more, be sure to browse our entire catalogue of Baume & Mercier Luxury sport watches. 

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