Watches for Tackling New Adventures

Posted by Holly on Friday, July 2, 2021

We’ve selected durable and dependable adventure watches for the explorer who is living life in the fast lane. 

Do you know about adventure watches?

Adventurers & travelers have always understood the utility of a sturdy, reliable, luxury watch; it keeps them safe and gives them the edge they need. In fact, traditional watches have helped explorers even before adventure watches became a trend. Roald Amundsen became the first man to reach the South Pole in 1911. He used a deck watch: a watch that allowed sailors to easily tell time at sea, without having to rely on the ship’s chronometer. Similarly, World War II revealed how necessary wristwatches were for soldiers. Issuing troops a dependable timepiece made coordinating tactical movements much more precise. Soon after, adventurers started to recognize just how important a watch could be.

Motorcycle Watch

Embrace the spirit of adventure with Gevril's Motorcycle Sport watch. This extraordinary timepiece showcases the original GV2 case style, featuring a stadium-shaped watch that masterfully balances peekaboo dates and internal construction elements with a spoke-inspired frame. The leather "stitched" strap pays homage to the iconic motorcycle jacket while enhancing the watch's overall sharp appeal. Drawing inspiration from advanced motorcycle technology, the clockwork is ingeniously constructed with three miniature shock absorbers and a disc brake on the dial, making this exceptional timepiece fully prepared to handle high-speed maneuvers and split-second decisions. With water resistance up to 100 meters, the Motorcycle collection by Gevril Watches is not for the timid – it's designed for those who dare to stand out.


Car enthusiasts who race know the importance of a quality chronograph. Automotive-inspired watches feature a very unique tool for measuring elapsed time: the chronograph. This is usually paired with tachymeters that measure speed over a certain distance. There have been many famous faces in racing, like Steve McQueen who wore a Rolex Submariner, or Paul Newman who enjoyed a Rolex Daytona or a square case designed chronograph by TAG Heuer Monaco. The faces, as well as these watches, became famous among watch enthusiasts and collectors. If you’re considering a watch to cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway, think about what features are most useful to you. And don’t forget to factor in the aesthetic of your wristband. Driving watches are known for their well-executed designs; some even offer a sleek perforated leather strap if you’re into those small finishing touches.


If you're looking for something water-friendly & aquatic for your boating or surfing adventures and desire a touch of classic luxury, the Superocean Heritage collection from Breitling is a great start to add to your adventure watch collection. The design attributes showcase Breitling’s history of creating diver watches dating back to the 1950s, with bezels and dials featuring a clean and clear aesthetic. Breitling watches have gone to great lengths to unify the bracelets and straps within their diver collections. You’ll find some of their most iconic designs within the Superocean Heritage collection. This collection is made to withstand depths of water with an elegant design. Dive watches tend to end up looking busy when designers try to cram in too many dials and ornaments. But you can count on Breitling to keep it simple with cues stemming from their own 1950’s Superocean. There are two features that distinguish this diver watch: first is the COSC-certified B20 movement with a 70-hour power reserve; second is the stunning steel mesh bracelet found in the Superocean Heritage line. It’s one of the best mesh bracelets in this price range.

Aviator Watches

Pilot or aviation watches are handy for their impressive features and novel designs. Uniquely stylish and highly functional, these terrific timepieces are adept at both keeping precise time and looking great on your wrist. If you’re a hobbyist pilot or just learning, these watches make a worthwhile addition to any watch collection. So, if you’re a man flying high who loves aviation, then this is the watch for you. Pilot watches are made with precision, and the Alpina Startimer Pilot Big Date Watch is the perfect example of the precision of detail. It features a Swiss quartz movement with six jewels and 48 months of battery life. The design was inspired by Alpina’s century-long experience in building pilot watches for the continental air forces—it meets all military aviation watch specifications.

Adventure Watch Collection

Planning & preparation are crucial for every adventure. The same is true when it comes to buying an adventure watch. Consider what you’re going to use it for and then enjoy the search for the perfect adventure watch to add to your watch collection.

Our range of adventure watches offers everything from stylish divers, to aviation pieces and more, all at affordable prices. Take a look at our collection of adventure watches today. 

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