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Posted by Chris on Thursday, December 30, 2021
Michele Deco Watch Women

If you’re somebody who could be considered to be “very online,” then you’re probably already familiar with Michele’s unique brand of high class luxury watches. The brand, already well-known in the fashion community, has been experiencing a boom in popularity among social media influencers over the past few years. 

And that’s for a good reason. Michele watches are renowned for their opulent designs, each piece completely soaked in luxury and glittering gems and metals. 

The company itself is relatively new, having been founded only in 1995. However, the origins of their watchmaking philosophy date back to the 1940s when famed Belgian watchmaker Maurice Barouh vowed to begin making watches solely using uncompromisingly premium materials. 

It was his son, Jack, and his wife who took up that legacy and decided to found their own company. The name, Michele, is based on their eldest daughter. 

While they began making children’s watches, which were a runaway hit, Jack would eventually execute his vision of combining his father’s incredible skill and focus on quality with his own love for modern fashion. And that’s how we got to where we are today, a luxury watch company that makes some of the classiest women’s watches on the market. 

Aptly enough, the company’s own namesake, Michele Barouh, has joined the ranks as the lead creative director to direct the brand’s vision moving into the future. 

The Michele Deco

Michele watches come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, but it’s the Deco in particular that really catches our interest. 

Decos are instantly recognizable due to the uncommon rectangular shape of the case. However, there are a lot of variations on that basic design across the series. Some Michele watches are bigger, some are smaller, some are chronographs, some have bracelets, some have straps, etc. It’s actually pretty amazing how the brand has managed to create such an iconic design while simultaneously providing so much variety within that design. 

Of course, Michele staples are also present. For instance, they all have the signature red M logo in the crown, and there are plenty of diamonds to go around in many of the designs. They also all feature the same legendary build quality envisioned by the Belgian patriarch all those years ago. 

So let’s jump in and take a look at some of the Michele Decos we have here in stock, ready to ship. 

The Michele Deco Madison Diamond


If this is the first Deco you’ve seen, it’s a great example of Michele watches’s philosophy as a whole. Art, beauty and glamor combine to make one heck of a centerpiece.

You may have also noticed that there are diamonds. Like, so many diamonds. The bezel is loaded with them, and the perimeter of the inner dial has even more. And, yes, these are all completely real diamonds. Michele prides themselves on only sourcing conflict-free diamonds, so you don’t have to face any moral dilemmas for the sake of this kind of luxury either. 

It’s also worth noting that these diamonds are all hand-placed. This isn’t some factory production line watch. This is a work of art that has been in the hands of an artist and meticulously sculpted to communicate the notion of luxury and the spirit of fashion. 

Even more exciting is the fact that Michele watches take a very reasonable approach to pricing their pieces. 

And thanks to our 33% discount, you can buy your Deco Madison Diamond today for an even better price.  

The Michele Deco Mid Two Tone


The two tones referred to in the name of this watch are, of course, gold and silver. And what a combination it is! 

Spectacularly glamorous, stunningly sleek, gorgeously glam… we could keep going. Like most of Michele watches, his is a dazzler for sure. 

But it’s the details that you start noticing once you get past the initial glitz that make this piece truly shine. For instance, the beautiful mother of pearl dial holds its own treasure chest of secrets. The luminous hands, for starters, are a brilliant dash of modern sensibility in an otherwise timeless design. The snow-white second hand sub dial is another. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, are the dual diamond hour markers expertly embedded in golden strips along the dial. It’s a true stroke of genius artistry that ties the whole thing together in its two tone theme. 

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The Michele Deco Park Mother of Pearl Dial


Another two tone stunner, this Deco Park is decidedly slimmer than the previous two Decos, just a hair wider than the bracelet. 

This gives this Michele watch a daintier presence while making the dial appear elongated. The effect this has on the roman numeral hour markers is incredibly cool, especially in the corners. The inner dial is ovular like a framed picture in a locket, and the mother of pearl dial is all the more glamorous because of it. 

Of course there are loads of diamonds as well, both on the outer bezel and the inner dial perimeter. We don’t know how many diamonds there are in total, but it’s gotta be around a million or so. One thing to note is that the total weight of the diamonds is listed on the back of each Michele watch, so you’ll always know just how opulent it is. 

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The Michele Deco Sport Silver Dial 


This is called a Deco Sport, but we’re not sure what sport you’d wear it for. Maybe to distract your opponent in a game of tennis? It would certainly accomplish that. 

Anyways, the first thing you’re noticing here might be the simplicity of the design. The bezel is a sturdy brushed silver tone steel, bookmarked by gold tone trappings on the sides and lugs. The dial itself is a beautiful white with golden markers and a simple inner dial with second markings. The hands are lovely and luminescent. 

But the real glam is found in the strap. An absolutely stunning silver metallic leather strap provides that Michele women's watch lux to the piece and drives home the aesthetic. 

Where do you even find silver leather? Do they source it from some fairy realm where silver cows roam golden pastures? We don’t know, and honestly we don’t need to know. What we do need is this watch in all its silver leather glory. 

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The Michele Deco XL Noir Black Diamond Dial


Give us anything noir and we’ll say yeis. Does that joke work? What we’re getting at is that we love noir, and this watch is a prime example of why.  

This midnight black beauty is a Deco XL, so it’s a little larger than your average Deco. The case measures in at 35mm, which isn’t gigantic, but certainly a little larger for a women’s watch. But every millimeter of that space is put to stunningly good use here. 

You’ll notice that there are, indeed, a lot of diamonds here. The bezel is brimming with them, and the dial features the same kind of diamond marker layout we saw on the Deco Two Tone. We’re not sure if these are black diamonds, or if they just appear black because of the entirely black backdrop, but either way they’re amazing. 

On the dial you’ll notice that there are three subdials and – wait, what’s that? Yes, there are chronograph controls on either side of the crown because this is, indeed, a chronograph. 

Has there ever in the history of luxury watches been a chronograph that’s so glamorous? Maybe, but we can’t think of any.

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