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Posted by Chris on Friday, November 5, 2021

With the impending release of the movie The House of Gucci, which is based on a book called The House of Gucci, we’ve been thinking a lot about, well, Gucci these days. 

Of course we don’t think it’s possible to ever really 100% not be thinking about Gucci in some form or another. The fashion house has dominated across every era of trends for quite some time now. 

Now, full disclosure. We haven’t actually read the book. We have definitely read the synopsis, and we understand it’s about several decades of deceit, betrayal, and watches. We’ve also seen the trailer at least 3 or 4 times, and we’ve noticed that it opens with a scene of heroine Lady Gaga wearing a beautiful vintage Gucci piece on her wrist.  

When we say we’ve watched the trailer several times, what we mean is that we’ve watched that opening scene several times. We don’t want to spoil any of the plot for ourselves!

So what is The House of Gucci really about? We honestly don’t know. We do, however, have a pretty good idea of how it will play out.

We imagine it will be a lot like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, except instead of Oompa Loompas, the titular Gucci house will be staffed with indifferent looking smartly dressed men and women who make a show of ignoring everything around them. 

A group of hapless contest winners will be led through the place where the Gucci magic happens, probably a very sleek looking mansion of considerable size. Along the way, various mishaps will befall the guests as they find themselves tempted into breaking the simple rules laid out upon entering each section.

For example, when they get to the room where the experimental self-clasping leather straps are being made, one of the guests will slip one into his pocket and find himself curving forward and turning into a giant leather strap himself. Then he’ll be sent down a hidden chute to the de-strapifying station and the Gucci staffers will, instead of singing a topical song about it, simply look over the tops of their sunglasses and roll their eyes. 

Are we off base? Maybe. We’ll have to wait until the release later in November. 

For now, we just want to talk about Gucci watches and our favorites among our exciting in-stock selection

So sit back and enjoy the ride while we take you on a little tour of some of the most spectacular Gucci men's watches and Gucci women's watches out there. 

Gucci Watches for Men

The G-Timeless Black Dial 


The thing about Gucci watches is that they’re all iconic and they’re all instantly recognizable as Gucci. And this is probably the Most Gucci-esque of the watches we have. 

The deceptively simple design of the Gucci G-Timeless is what really draws us in. The signature red and green stripes that work their way through the strap and across the dial in a fully encompassing look are a badge for fashion conscious men. The minimal dial features no hour markers or date or any of that nonsense. It’s a black dial with the strip front and center, and it gets a little more complex the more deeply you look at this Gucci men's watch

The Bee at 12 o’clock is a Gucci staple. In Europe, it’s a sign of nobility that appears on family crests throughout the continent. While the bee itself first began appearing in Gucci fashion in the 1970s, it made a resurgence in new creative director Allesandro Michele’s debut women’s Fall-Winter collection in 2015. 

In fact, a close look at our entire collection of Gucci watches will reveal several animal motifs, including bees, tigers, and snakes. This isn’t anything new to the brand, but is certainly emphasized more in their modern offerings as a result of Michele watches’s affinity towards “nature’s physical and spiritual beauty,” as he calls it. 

Anyways, continuing on with the dial, the only other features are 3 metal studs arranged every 15 minutes. Each stud is meticulously crafted into a 4-sided pyramid to add a 3-dimensional texture to the look. 

The strap is also, quite stunningly, purely leather. It’s not often that we see leather with this sort of colorful pattern on it. 

If it seems like we’re talking this one up a lot, that’s because we truly feel that this Gucci G-Timeless is the perfect first step into the world of Gucci men's watches for newcomers. It is everything that makes the brand what it is, and we can’t describe how great it feels to step out of your house with something like this strapped on your wrist. 

Better yet, you can buy your G-Timeless Black Dial (YA1264079) for 35% off.

The Dive White Tiger Dial 


Speaking of animal motifs, this beauty has a stylized monochromatic tiger as the dial’s centerpiece. 

The tiger is the perfect face of Gucci, as far as we’re concerned. You don’t wear a Gucci watch to be timid like a mouse and hide yourself away from the throngs of society. You have to be bold and fearless, striding amongst your fellow men and women like a lord of your domain. You stand out in the crowd, not because you’re trying to, but because it’s just an inescapable part of your presence, and those around you can’t help but notice it. 

That might sound like a lot, and you might be thinking to yourself that you don’t live up to that description at all. But that’s the whole point. When you wear a Gucci men's watch, you can’t help but be that tiger, and the world can’t help but be your jungle. 

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The G-Timeless Silver Dial Unisex


Snakes are a very misunderstood species. We know, that sounds like the opening speech of somebody like Lord Voldemort, but it’s true. 

While they’re often portrayed as evil or duplicitous, snakes are creatures of beauty and grace. Like tigers, they’re docile and calm most of the time, though there’s an unmistakable air of danger about them. They’re close to the earth and flexible, bending this way and that as the situation demands. They commune with the sun for warmth and taste the wind to find their paths through life. 

The snake on the beautiful silver dial of the Gucci G-Timeless watch embodies all of those things. It winds its way around the hands and forever points to 12 o’clock. Around the perimeter are a concoction of various Gucci-themed codes and symbols, featuring the celebrated bee among stars and hearts with the interlocking Gs at midnight. 

Best of all, this is a unisex watch, meaning Gucci watches can be worn by everybody. 

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