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Posted by Chris on Thursday, October 20, 2022
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We weren't going to write a blog about Movado today, but then we heard somebody say the word "Movado," and it's literally impossible to not talk about Movado when somebody brings them up.

Another thing that's hard not to think about is the weather. You've probably noticed, but it's starting to get sort of cold outside. The leaves are changing and there are those gusts of cold air blowing past that remind us that winter is right around the corner, getting suited up and ready to body slam us with snow and below freezing temperatures.

Well, we think that we can use one of those things to help the other. Namely, we think getting a new Movado luxury watch is the perfect way to massage out those feelings of dread that come along with the thought of short, cold days and freezing nights.

But we didn't want to just make this another Movado blog like all the others we've done. We wanted to take this chance to show off some of the watchmaker's less standard designs. When we talk about Movado, we're usually showing off those minimalist watches with dials bereft of any adornments other than the signature dot at midnight. In truth, Movado makes some really cool looking watches that bust out of that standard.

So, for your viewing and purchasing pleasure, here are 5 more Movado masterpieces that will be sure to warm your heart and help take the sting out of the cold air.

The Movado Museum Sport Black Dial


If there's one thing that's sure to warm you up, it's playing sports. Maybe you like to go jogging, or lifting weights at the gym. Maybe you're shaping up for the Thanksgiving football game you play every year with your friends, even though your body always lets you know how bad of an idea it was. Or maybe you're like us, and just the thought of exercise is enough to make you sweat, so there's no need to actually go out and do it.

Whatever your feelings on sports and exercise are, we think they'll improve significantly with a stunning luxury sports watch on your wrist, and that's certainly what Movado has created with this Museum Sport. The sporty design is perfect for those who live an active lifestyle, but the sleek black on black dial and stopwatch style second markers make it sophisticated enough to wear anywhere.

Get Your Movado Museum Sport Black Dial today and save 40%.

The Movado Bold Evolution Black Dial


Movado's take on the classics is maybe even more stunning than their sports watches. In fact, we can't say that we've ever seen anything quite like this Bold Evolution. The way that the day and date are integrated into the overall design of the entire dial is incredible. It's a really modern take on a vintage style, and it looks amazing.

The all black case design and beautiful leather strap make it perfect for anyone who wants a sophisticated and stylish watch, but the completely unique and functional dial adds a sort of artistry. It's the perfect way to show the world that you mean business, but you're not afraid to have a little bit of fun too.

Get Your Movado Bold Evolution Black Dial today and save 62%.

The Movado Series 800 Black Dial Pepsi Bezel Steel


This is one of our personal favorites because we'll never not be total suckers for that vintage color scheme. The black dial goes perfectly with the silver hands and markers, and the retro style steel bezel is reminiscent of the classic Pepsi colorway.

It's a modern watch with a vintage feel, and it's perfect for anyone who loves both. It's also great for those who just want a break from all of the minimalist designs that are so popular right now. This is a watch that makes a statement, and we think it looks amazing.

Get your Movado Series 800 Black Dial Pepsi Bezel today and save 62%.

The Movado Bold TR90 Yellow Dial Leather Strap


This is another one of those vintage inspired watches that Movado does so well. The yellow chronograph dial is reminiscent of something you might have seen in the 60s or 70s, but the overall design is completely modern.

The TR90 material used for the case and bracelet is extremely strong and lightweight, making it perfect for those who are looking for a durable watch that won't weigh them down. And the striking yellow color is sure to turn heads, which is always a plus.

Get your Bold TR90 Yellow Dial today and save 60%.

The Movado Bold Evolution Rose Gold Dial Rose Gold Steel Women's Watch


We know we said we wanted to show off some of the less standard Movado designs, but we'll never get over the sheer glitz and glam of this rose gold toned beauty.

The rose gold dial is absolutely stunning, and it goes perfectly with the rose gold steel case and bracelet. It's a luxurious and elegant watch that's perfect for those who want to make a statement.

Also, the 12 o'clock dot is a gem. It's spectacular!

Get your Movado Bold Evolution Rose Gold Dial today and save 35%.

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