A Women’s Intro to Movado

Posted by Chris on Friday, March 12, 2021

Movado watches are known for saying a whole lot with very minimalist designs. Always featuring a signature circle at 12 o’clock, these are some of the most instantly recognizable pieces out there today. 

The name, Movado, translates to “always in motion” in Esperanto. It’s a fitting thought, because these are watches that move people, usually to double or triple takes. 

Whether you’re looking to glide around the room chatting it up and leaving people wanting more, or you’re out to make an entrance to the party that has the doors crashing open and your outline silhouetted against a flash of lightning, a Movado is exactly what you want on your wrist for the occasion. 

Here are some of our favorite Movado watches for women that will take your look from a work of art to a masterpiece.  

The Sapphire Diamond 

This timepiece is purity and eleganza personified in Movado women's watches. Diamond hour markers sparkle like dancing stars, and the silver hands move across the mirror dial like wind across a crystalline lake. The Sapphire Diamond flaunts itself like it knows you’ve got nothing to prove, but you’re allowed to draw a few gasps for the sake of propriety. The gleaming all-silver color scheme casts a reflection that any woman would want to see herself in, but which is made just for you. Lucky lady. 

The Ultra Slim Black Mother of Pearl

We’ve all got our mysterious side that we bring out to play when the mood strikes us, and this Ultra Slim piece is the reflection of that. The rose gold dot on the black mother of pearl dial is a harvest moon arcing across the misty night sky. Each movement of the dials is a hint, a whisper of a promise, moving ever closer to the witching hour. Who will you cast your spell on tonight?

The Edge

A first glance at the Edge suggests an illusion of shifting rose gold sands, but this beautiful Movado watch is no mirage. The concave hour markers on the dial give the impression of a romantic desert adventure, and this piece certainly wouldn’t be out of place in an Arabian tale. Equally suited for a cocktail party or a trip to the little coffee shop down the street, any excursion made with the Edge on your wrist will be sure to turn into a tale of your own. 

The Bela in Silver or Gold

The Bela is fashion in women's Movado watches distilled to its purest form. A gleaming gold or silver bezel frames the most breathtaking dial, which gives the impression of undulating molten precious metal. The signature metallic dot anchors the illusion in place, but there will be nothing keeping your feet on the ground when you see it. The dials move without the need for hour markers because time stands still when you’re locking eyes with a beauty like this. 

The Kara

The Kara is a high pony, big sunglasses, pink bubblegum, bouncy step into a carefree excursion. The silver bangle is playful, and the pink dial creates a beautiful back and forth with the silver hands and 12 o’clock marker. Whatever it is you may be doing, having this beauty on your wrist lets everybody know you’re doing it without a Kara in the world. 

Just like how Movado watches are always in motion, our Movado stock is always being updated with hundreds of striking selections. Go here to find the perfect piece for you.

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