Luxury Sunglasses for Your Eyes Only

Posted by Chris on Thursday, March 31, 2022
Luxury Sunglasses at WatchMaxx

Luxury Sunglasses for Your Eyes Only

With another winter in the books and springtime doing its best to bust through the blanket of bitterly cold weather, it’s time to do some serious thinking about what your look is going to be this year. 

Now, at WatchMaxx, we’re certainly considered experts on what’s cool. After all, we’re watch people, and there is literally nothing out there that’s cooler than luxury watches. 

That being said, we think the coolest look this spring is going to be luxury sunglasses. 

Consider all of the cool people who’ve worn sunglasses over the years. There’s Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, That Guy from The Beatles, Jackie Onassis, The Terminator, and many more. They were pioneers, paving the way for a new avenue of coolness that you are now fully able to take advantage of for your own 2022 spring look. 

As we’re mostly luxury watch experts, we may not know much about luxury sunglasses, but we do know style when we see it. Of course, there are luxury sunglass experts here at WatchMaxx, but we don’t think we need to bother them to tell you about the cool sunglasses fashions we’ve got in stock. 

So let’s take a look, shall we?

Gucci Black Cat Eye 


Cat eyes are all the rage these days, and these Gucci Cat Eye sunnies capture the essence of that fashion and channel it into what are probably the neatest frames we’ve seen. 

The splashes of color, which have an almost chalk-like look to them, really stand out against the black of the frames. The big Gucci logo on the side says everything that needs to be said. 

Wear these when you’re laying out and getting some sun, and you’ll definitely be the coolest cat around. Or, you know, when you’re just doing your thing and you have a good purrrr going. 

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Ray-Ban Gold Round Metal Blue Sunglasses


These are the sort of sunglasses you wear when you’re stepping off a yacht in Italy in a full tailored suit. You fix your cuff, check your watch, and look up at the paparazzi before leading your entourage to the waiting limo. 

It’s the understated curvature of the gold tone metal frame that does it for us. It’s luxury, but the kind of luxury that you don’t make a show of. It’s more “Oops, I actually forgot I was wearing these high-end sunglasses and looking really slick. Silly me.” 

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Costa Del Mar Helo Matte Black Aviators


On the other end of the spectrum are these brilliant Costa Del Mar Helos, with their blazing aquamarine lenses and slick black barely-there frame. 

These are “Oh honey. You don’t have to tell me I look amazing in these glasses. I wouldn’t be wearing them if I thought otherwise” sunnies that are made to send a message. That message, of course, being, “look how freaking cool I look.” 

While they definitely have a Miami-type vibe, we can’t think of many situations where they wouldn’t make an absolute splash. 

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Spy Optics Black Oval Rose Mirror Sunglasses


The first thing that popped into our minds when we saw these is that Elton John called and said he doesn’t want his sunglasses back because he has so many pairs and they look great on you. 

If you’ve ever wanted to unleash your inner rocketman or rocketwoman, or just rocketperson, then you’ve gotta try these on. The way that the lens fills in the little accents at the top of the frames is iconic, and their oversized aesthetic will look great on heads of all sizes and shapes. 

Look, we might not always be looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t want to. 

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