Longines Women’s Watches Are a Sight to Behold

Posted by Chris on Friday, October 29, 2021
longines women's watches

Longines has a well-deserved reputation for crafting some of the classiest and most elegant looking luxury watches in the industry. Each and every one of their pieces has that je ne sais quoi about it that can light up a room. 

Their women’s watches in particular do a wonderful job of communicating this vision by stripping away any of the eye-roll-inducing airs of masculinity that feel tacked onto a lot of popular brands, and putting their classiest foot forward, bedecked in jewels and glimmers. 

Perhaps the best thing about Longines women’s watches is that they’re incredibly reasonably priced, especially considering that they each look like a million bucks. The value proposition is unbelievable considering that these are high-end Swiss watches, which is immediately evident by their look and feel. 

We bring up the price point because we’re entering that time of year where it’s maybe time to start thinking about buying presents for the impending holiday season. Imagine buying a present for somebody special in your life that will light up her eyes in that way that lets you know you did good. 

It might even make up for last year when you bought her a Looney Toons branded hoverboard, and then proceeded to immediately crash it through the sliding glass door. This is a very non-specific example we just made up. 

Even better, a Longines women’s watch could be a great little gift for yourself as a reward for buying everybody else their perfect presents. You know, the kind of thing you don’t really mention when or how you got when somebody brings it up at your holiday party. We won’t tell. 

Anyways, we’ve put together a list of 5 of our favorite Longines watches for women. All of these are in stock and ready to ship. We’ll leave it up to you to come up with a way to get one on your wrist. 

The Dolcevita 


We’ve always been suckers for non-traditional looking dials, but the Dolcevita’s design really takes the cake. 

The thing is, it is both traditional and very bold at the same time. It’s traditional in the way that the hour markers are the classic roman numerals, and the sub dial is seated firmly above 6 o’clock, but the dial itself is rectangular in shape and the silver tone is patterned with undulating waves that give a sense of motion to the watch if you look closely enough. 

The blue hands and markers are stunning in the way that they play with that silver tone pattern, and the case frames it like a piece of art. The red leather strap adds a touch of spice to make sure all eyes are on you when they’re supposed to be. 

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The Conquest Classic Blue Dial


To say that this watch has a blue dial is an understatement of magnificent proportions. It’s not just blue, it’s everything that forms the essence of the very idea of blue. It’s a blue that is so rich and deep that it’s almost otherworldly. It’s the blue that we see in our dreams but can barely remember upon waking up. It’s that kind of blue. 

The rose gold tone hands and markers only accentuate the richness of the dial, especially in the way that they interact with the dynamic movement of reflected light on its surface. 

The moniker, Conquest Classic, couldn’t be more fitting. This is a watch that sits atop the wrist like royalty, resplendent in its pedigree and demanding adoration. 

The polished steel bracelet adds a feeling of permanence to the aesthetic, as if this piece wasn’t so much crafted as it was forged from an idea. And that idea is one of elegance and beauty. 

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The Record Mother of Pearl Dial Diamond Brown Leather Strap


The Record series of Longines watches are pure luxury that’s been dipped in diamonds. 

This particular model is quietly beautiful and gentle in its elegance. It features a mother of pearl dial that creates a cloud-like backdrop for the starkly blue hands. Little diamonds are arranged on the cloud at the hours, glittering daintily. A perimeter of diamonds frames the picturesque moment in a splendor that can’t help but draw the eye. 

The dark brown alligator leather strap perfectly conveys the essence of this piece. It’s like the most delicious dark chocolate that you want to hold in your mouth so that you can soak in it and enjoy the flavor for as long as possible. Except this delectable morsel will never melt, unlike everybody who stops to look at it. 

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The Record Automatic Diamond Black Dial 


Here we have the counterpoint to the previous entry, a Longines Record that is decadently and unabashedly lux in every sense of the word. 

The midnight black dial sends the eye directly to the diamond markers, which glitter ever more brightly in contrast. The diamond perimeter is almost lost in the polished silver tone case and bracelet that send sparkles this way and that to captivate the audience from all angles. 

If every watch has a personality, this is definitely our Audrey Hepburn, and every time you leave the house with it on your wrist, you’ll be living your best Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment. 

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If this list was just enough to whet your appetite for the holiday season, be sure to check out the entirety of our Longines collection, all in stock and ready to ship in time for the holiday season.

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