Hamilton’s Khaki Watches - A Heritage of Heroism 

Posted by Chris on Friday, September 3, 2021

Hamilton is a watchmaker with a rich and diverse history that’s steeped in 19th century americana with a dash of railroad folklore and a whole heaping portion of true American heroism. 

The company was founded in the 1880s in Lancaster, PA, making Hamilton watches one of the few high-end luxury brands with a true American origin. In the hundred or so years that followed, they accomplished a lot of great things. 

During the railroad boom in the early 20th century, they maintained over 50% of the domestic market and the railroads purchased the entirety of Hamilton’s production output. 

In the 1970s, they produced the world’s first digital watch, the Pulsar. 

However, what we want to talk about today is the Hamilton Khaki watch, an homage to what was one of the most heroic and trying times in modern history. 

Hamilton in WW2

During World War 2, Hamilton decided it was time to do their part to aid in the war effort. They ceased all production of consumer watches and dedicated their factories to producing watches for U.S. and Allied forces. Their efforts saw more than a million watches being shipped overseas, each one retaining the quality and craftsmanship the company had become known for. 

Among those million watches were marine chronometers and deck watches used to fill the needs of the U.S. Navy. These timepieces were a crucial tool for the plotting a course using “dead reckoning,” a method in which a sailor navigates using the stars to pinpoint direction and location. Hamilton’s watches were accurate enough to guide the ships in situations where a single minute of miscalculation could lead to disaster. 

From there, the watchmaker continued to partner with the U.S. military and provide watches of the highest quality across all branches. 

Today, these watches are available to consumers as well under the Khaki line, and they embody the rich history of partnership with America’s proud men and women who protect our shores from sea to shining sea. 

Luckily for you, we have some of these very pieces in stock and ready to ship. Let’s take a look. 

The Khaki Navy Scuba Auto Black Dial Stainless Steel


The Khaki Navy series is built to withstand the harshest conditions on the open sea with a tough-as-nails stainless steel construction and 100 meters of water resistance. 

That doesn’t mean they can’t also look incredibly sharp. 

With this model, we’re particularly drawn to the blue-to-black gradient on the bezel between 12 and 3 o’clock. The black dial is sleek and beautiful, with printed numbers to represent military time in front of each of the hour markers. 

You can get yours today for 30% off.

The Khaki Navy Scuba Auto Black Dial Black Rubber Strap


This Khaki Navy Scuba is exactly the same as the one above, except it features a rubber strap instead of a steel bracelet. 

The same beautiful black dial with the classic Hamilton logo stamped at the 12 o’clock mark, the same stunning rotating bezel, the same nigh-invincible stainless steel construction. 

One thing that really sets these watches into the luxury echelon is the automatic movement powered by the Hamilton Calibre H-10 engine, providing remarkable accuracy alongside an astounding 80 hour power reserve. 

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The Khaki Navy Belowzero Limited Edition


This special edition Khaki Navy is based on Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster hit movie Tenet.  

The already incredibly durable Navy design is enhanced with a titanium construction that’s both lightweight and almost impossibly tough. 

The stealthy aesthetic features an entirely black color scheme that includes the dial, bezel, case, and strap. Only the tiny blue shock of color at the tip of the second hand breaks the darkness, allowing you to perfectly time your night mission to the refrigerator to steal a slice of leftover chocolate mousse cake. 

Only 888 of these watches exist in the world, and we feel incredibly lucky to have one in stock. You’ll feel even luckier when we tell you that you can buy it today for 30% off.

The Khaki Aviation Pilot Automatic


Now we take things into the other great blue unknown with a Khaki that’s built with an adventurous attitude, and altitude, in mind. 

The Aviation Pilot is a flyer’s dream watch, featuring chronograph functionality with minute and second sub dials and large, easy to read numbers along some of the hour markers. The dial itself is classy and designed with an eye for utility, with no millimeter going to waste. 

The aesthetic is actually a nod to 70s military design, but the technology inside is 100% modern. 

The construction is stainless steel and built to be used, and the leather bracelet is of the highest quality and beautifully designed. 

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The Khaki Field Murph 


This very special edition of the Khaki Field watch is an homage to the watch worn by the character of the same name in the mind-blowing blockbuster movie Interstellar. 

The standout feature is also the most subtle. Etched into the second hand is morse code for the word “Eureka.” And we have to admit, wearing this limited edition piece is a true eureka moment. 

The vintage military-style dial is minimalistic and functional. The black leather strap is beautiful and tough while also extremely comfortable against the wrist. 

While military watches are made to be used in potentially extreme conditions here on earth, this Khaki Field is certainly an out-of-this-world spin on an old classic. 

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Hamilton is proud of their military heritage, and it shows in the quality and design of each of their Khaki watches. We’re also proud to carry them. 

If you’re interested in looking at more of our Hamilton watches, you can browse the entire catalogue here

For all of your other luxury watch wants and needs, we’re always proud to report for duty. 

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