Breitling Avengers, Assemble!

Posted by Chris on Friday, October 8, 2021

Like the name might imply, Breitling’s Avenger watches are built for action. They’re tough, they’re functional in the harshest conditions, and they’re top-end Swiss luxury to boot. 

Put it like this: If you were making a movie about a watch that started off as the ringleader of a mostly underground street racing club with high speeds and even higher stakes, and a lot of explosions, you’d probably want a Breitling Avenger as your leading actor. 

If you were making a movie about a team of luxury watches that had to venture into space to plant a nuclear explosive onto an asteroid to knock it off its current trajectory towards Earth (just thought we’d throw in this reference to the brilliant Bruce Willis movie Apocalypse), an Avenger would be your lead role. 

If you were filming a blockbuster hit about a group of Earth’s mightiest heroes battling evil in the form of aliens, rogue AI-controlled super robots, or a maniacal space titan wielding a gauntlet of magical gems, you’d, uh, want a cast of Avengers. 

The point that we’re getting at here is that these are action-packed watches that are built like tanks, and they’re crafted to look fit for a leading role on your wrist. 

Let’s take a look at some of the Breitling Avengers we have in stock right now for amazing prices with superhero sized discounts. 

The Avenger Automatic 45 Seawolf Yellow Dial 


Named after one of the most iconic combat submarines in the U.S. Navy, the Avenger Seawolf is a dive watch disguised as an aviation watch. 

The extraordinary 3,000 meters of water resistance means this is a watch that Jacques Cousteau could’ve worn if he was looking to impress some of the more elusive types of marine life. 

And who wouldn’t be impressed by this beauty? The yellow dial alone is enough to get our attention, though we do sort of wonder how visible it would be a few thousand feet under the waves. 

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The Avenger Automatic 45 Seawolf Night Mission Black Titanium


We love the Seawolf so much that we’re putting another one on here. However, this one is more aligned with the idea of the original Seawolf. 

You see, the S6W Seawolf is a nuclear submarine, and one of the main capabilities of nuclear submarines is their stealthiness. They’re quiet as can be, and able to submerge to levels where they’re undetectable until the last minute. While the previous Avenger Seawolf is amazing to look at, the yellow dial wasn’t quite as stealthy as some might like. 

This black titanium version, however, does away with that by giving the entire watch a black aesthetic that makes detection nearly impossible. 

Of course it’s a Breitling, so it can’t be all stealthed out. It has to have some wow factor. For us, it’s the yellow on the underside of the black leather strap that makes our eyes pop. 

Despite being made out of superhero-tough titanium, we don’t think this Avenger is a very hard sell at all. Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. 

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The Avenger Chronograph 45 Night Mission Green Dial Titanium 


Staying on the stealth theme, here’s another fully titanium masterpiece that’s ready for action. However, this one is a chronograph! That’s right, Avengers can be dive watches, chronographs, GMTs, etc. It’s not the style, exactly, that makes the Avenger. It’s the gigantic tank-like quality and ability to take a licking that makes an Avenger what it is. 

This one just so happens to be a chronograph, and it also just so happens to have an incredibly cool green color that really solidifies the “military chic” aesthetic. The yellow 30-minute sub dial and second hand add a little flare to an already action-packed look, and the black titanium case is built like a bomb shelter. 

Even though this is called a Night Mission, we can’t imagine getting anywhere without drawing more than a few jealous glances with this masterpiece on our wrist. 

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The Super Avenger Chronograph 48 Black Dial 


Why is this called a Super Avenger? We’re not sure, exactly, but we suspect it has to do with the fact that it’s 48mm in diameter. This is a massive watch with massive capabilities. 

In true Breitling fashion, this is an aviator’s watch through and through. We suspect it’s so big  because pilots can forget it on their bedside table and still read the dial when they fly by overhead. 

No, we’re kidding of course. There’s no way that anybody would ever forget to put one of these on when leaving for work in the morning. In fact, we’d have trouble sleeping knowing that such a beautiful, incredibly well made chronograph is sitting right there waiting to be held and looked at. 

The Super Avenger is the definition of a centerpiece watch that’s meant to be the standout feature of any luxury watch collection. We’re just lucky that it’s also so functional and well-built that it can be worn and used in pretty much any situation you can imagine, all while still being classy enough to pass as a dress watch. 

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While these represent the variety of Breitling Avengers, it’s by no means an exhaustive list. 

We have dozens of Breitlings in stock and ready to ship at incredible discounted prices right now. Avengers, Navitimers, Superoceans, and more are all here and looking to find their forever home on the wrist of somebody who knows a masterpiece when they see it. 

So check out our full stock of Breitlings and find the perfect piece to play the starring role for the action movie that is your life. 

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