6 Exquisite Gift Ideas from Our Valentine’s Day Sale

Posted by Chris on Thursday, February 11, 2021

Love is in the air once again, and it’s time to show our special somebodies just how very special they are. Luckily for you, our Valentine’s Day Sale is in full effect with up to 80% off our most romantic timepieces. 

With the big day fast approaching, and such a huge variety to choose from, we thought you could use some gift suggestions from our list of personal favorites.

For Him

Bulova Special Edition Computron

Evoking a stylish retro flavor with its brilliant red digital LED display, the Computron is all modern class in a gold tone stainless steel housing. Perfect for any man with an adventurous spirit, the trapezoidal shape makes the display perfectly readable while his hand is on the steering wheel and he’s redlining into the horizon. This is a watch that whispers of nostalgia while looking to the future, your future, together. 


Burberry Swiss Chronograph

Your man is a man of taste, which is exactly why he’s your man. Burberry’s Swiss Chronograph is just the kind of watch a man of taste wants on his wrist while you’re on his arm. The black chronograph dial in this Burberry watch combined with the flawless sapphire crystal window contrasts beautifully with the stainless steel bracelet, making this timepiece always stand out in a crowd. Its sharp looks combined with the impeccable Swiss craftsmanship will ensure that this Burberry watch will be a match made in heaven.


Gucci G-Timeless

With the minimalistic mechanical design framing the iconic House Web Stripe in its easily recognizable green and red combination, the Gucci G-Timeless watch is simply oozing with style. Gift this Gucci men's watch to your man this coming V-Day, and he’ll know you’re the one. It’s a statement piece that says “Gucci,” and it’s your statement to him that says “I love you.” 


For Her

Coach Perry

For the woman who likes to wear her heart on her wrist, this Coach Perry watch is both playful and elegant. Named for a street in New York City’s West Village, this timepiece carries with it a casually graceful air, but the bold heart patterned wrist strap will make your message loud and clear when you gift it to her: “Be mine.”


Movado Esperanza

What can be said about this beautiful piece that isn’t already obvious on the first glance? The Esperanza is modern beauty personified in women's Movado watches. The dials are like liquid gold moving across the stark black watch face, any room growing instantly more wonderful for being reflected in its gleam. Yes, it only takes one glance to mark this timepiece as a beauty, and it will only take one glance from your valentine for you to know that she is worth it. 


Gucci Vintage Web

Anybody who’s ever claimed that love isn’t all rainbows and magic has never seen this watch. This offering from Gucci Women's watches, the Gucci Vintage Web plexiglas rainbow studded bangle watch, is a marvel of beautiful color and fashion. All eyes will be on her the moment she enters a room, with crowds lining up just to ask what time it is. However, we already know the time, don’t we? It’s Gucci Time, and it was made for her. 

Of course, these are just a handful of the amazing timepieces featured in our Valentine’s Day Sale. Browse our discounts at https://www.watchmaxx.com/sales.

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