The 2022 Father’s Day WatchMaxx Gift Guide

Posted by Chris on Thursday, May 26, 2022
2022 father's day gift guide

The biggest dad day of the year is right around the corner, and our guess is that you haven’t exactly found the perfect gift yet. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Shopping for dads is a legendarily difficult task for everybody around them. Especially when custom has many fathers responding with a flat “oh, I don’t want anything” when you try to do some prodding for clues. 

Well, we’re looking to change that. As many of you know, watches are basically the greatest things of all time. Could it be possible that they’re also the best father’s day gifts? Yes! They’re absolutely the best Father’s Day gifts. We did the science to actually prove it. 

In what is being widely referred to as the WatchMaxx Theory of Watchativity, we used luxury mathematics to prove that watches are fundamentally the best possible Father’s Day gifts on earth. The formula is simple, where W is watches, D is day, and F is Father’s Day:

W = best things of all time

F = celebration of a person who likes things

W+F*D = infinity

As you can see, watches as gifts on Father’s Day equal infinite happiness. 

So, to help you out in finding the perfect gift for dad, we put together a finite list of 5 great luxury pieces for infinite joy this holiday, one for each kind of dad. 

For Dads Who Love to Golf - The Panerai Luminor Due


Say what you will about golf, but it’s definitely not a game that involves a lot of stylish flair. Golf outfits are usually pretty dull, if somewhat schlocky. Well, why not get your dad something that will spruce up his golfing look and make him feel just all around better on the green?

This Panerai Luminor Due is just the watch for the job. While it certainly carries the undeniable gentlemanly air that’s appropriate for the golf course, the unique design adds a touch of edge to the otherwise classic presence. 

Whether your dad is practicing his swing or stomping on his club in frustration, he’ll look like a true man of class while doing it. 

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For the Active Outdoorsy Dad - The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M


Is your dad always trying to get you to go hiking with him, or running local marathons? Does he still play ball with the guys on Thanksgiving? Does he like jet skiing at the river or flying kites at 8 in the morning on a weekend? You’ve been blessed with an outdoorsy dad, and this Omega Seamaster watch is just the timepiece for him. 

You’ll note right off the bat that, though undeniably luxurious, this is a sports watch at its heart. The bold yellow accents are eye-catching and fun, while the steely grey feels tough and ready for action. 

Speaking of being ready for action, the tough titanium construction of the case means that the Omega Seamaster is a watch that can be taken anywhere without any worry. Even 600 meters under the ocean. 

Order your Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M today and save 20%

For the Mr. Fix-It Dad - The Bell & Ross Aviation


In a lot of ways, having a handy dad who makes every home improvement project a DIY affair is a really lucky thing. It means you probably have a really nice home with a cool addition in it somewhere, most likely a game room in the basement. 

On the other hand, sometimes our Mr. Fix-It dads like to over-imagine their projects, and they get in a little over their head. Of course, they’ll never admit it or anything. 

For these dads who spend so much time aiming sky-high with their handyman ambitions, we present a pilot’s watch that’s up to the task. 

Though you might think that Bell & Ross are famous for their spectacular squared designs, their biggest claim to fame is actually their incredibly tough construction. Every millimeter is specifically designed and crafted to be durable and able to withstand abuse. So you can imagine why this watch would be perfect for a man eagerly wielding a hammer and drill. 

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For the Business Dad - The Longines Master Collection Automatic 


Some dads like to spend time in the office working on business things. Maybe they make presentations for the board members, or whatever it is business guys do. Spreadsheets. We know they love spreadsheets. 

The key point we’re trying to make is that these dads are passionate about their work. They’re always reading stock market things in the newspaper, or strategizing new ways to optimize process flow to increase ROIs. 

For these passionate working men, they need a watch that will be a trusty wrist-bound companion without being so flashy as to get in the way. This Longines Master Collection piece is the perfect choice among Longines watches

The large dial is clean and easily read, which means it’s a great way for dad to keep track of the time while he’s filling out all those forms and such. The brown leather strap will keep things comfortable as he types and writes and Zooms his way through the day. 

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For the Couch Potato Dad - The Rolex Datejust 41


Hey, dad is the king of the castle and he worked hard to provide for you when you were growing up. He’s earned a little bit of rest and relaxation. And if he decides he’s going to cash in on that R&R about 12 hours a day or any chance he gets, that’s his right. 

Of course, sometimes dad stays on the couch because he just doesn’t feel like getting out of the house and doing something. That’s why this Rolex Datejust 41 is the perfect gift for him! 

First of all, it’s Rolex, the legendary pinnacle of Swiss luxury that’s known around the world as being synonymous with quality and opulence. So, of course this will be the best gift. It’s a Rolex watch

All this plays into the second part of this Father’s Day gift’s purpose. Give a guy a Rolex Datejust, a watch that’s famous for being worn by presidents and great people of the 20th century, and he’s not going to want to wear it on his couch. He’s going to want to get out there and show off his freaking Rolex! 

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