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Posted by Chris on Thursday, January 5, 2023
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Citizen is a Japanese watch company that’s known for being well-built, using solid materials, stunningly good quality assurance, and being astoundingly affordable. 

On top of all those things, they’re also renowned for their innovations in watchmaking. In some ways, Citizen watches are right up there with their fellow Japanese brand Seiko in driving the art forward with their experiments and breakthroughs. 

For instance, the Citizen Chronomaster line is, unofficially at least, the most accurate quartz-crystal watch of all time. They’re within 5 seconds of accuracy over the course of an entire year of operation, which is almost unbelievable. 

Additionally, in 1959 they launched a dive watch called the Parawater, which was Japan’s first fully-waterproof watch. They followed that a few decades later with the 1300m Professional Diver’s watch, the most pressure-resistant watch in the world at the time. 

However, it’s the Eco-Drive that’s garnered the most attention, and it continues to, er, drive Citizen’s success and admiration amongst today’s most fervent luxury watch collectors. 

The Eco-Drive is essentially a solar power mechanism that lives just under the dial and turns light into power. This is then used to keep the watches running, well, indefinitely. As long as there’s available light to keep a charge, that is. 

It’s an innovation that’s both sustainable and convenient, using a readily available natural resource to power a watch without the wearer ever having to worry about keeping it wound or changing batteries. 

The truly astonishing part about innovations like the Eco-Drive is how Citizen has managed to produce and sell these inventive and high-quality watches for such affordable prices. It’s very rare that you’ll find one that costs more than $1000, and they can often be had for much less than that. 

Of course when you factor in the savings you get by purchasing through WatchMaxx, the prices on these wonderful pieces truly can’t be beat. 

Let’s take a look at some Citizen men’s watches and women’s watches that we have in stock and ready to ship. 

The Citizen Paradex Eco-Drive Black Dial Men’s Watch


The Paradex serves both as a fabulous daily wear and a gentlemanly looking dress watch. With its clean black dial and large silver tone steel case, it’s a versatile piece that can go with pretty much anything. 

Speaking of the dial, we really love how the day/date system is presented. Two sub dials sit horizontally opposite each other, one showing the day of the week and the other the date. It’s a lot more interesting than a simple date window, and a great use of a large dial space. 

Speaking of large, this is a 44mm case, so it’s certainly not small. However, the profile on the wrist is relatively slim, so it’s still a very comfortable watch on the wrist. Of course it’s powered by the Eco-Drive, so it doesn’t need to be thick enough to accommodate a winding system or battery. 

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The Citizen Paradex Eco-Drive Silver Dial Men’s Watch


This Paradex is a bit different from the previous entry. You probably immediately noticed the differently colored dial, but it doesn’t end there. Rather than a horizontal alignment, the sub dials on this one are laid out in a vertical fashion. 

Also, the day sub dial has been replaced by one depicting a 24-hour clock. This will make it easier to know whether it’s day or night and to speak in military time, but it will be up to you to remember if it’s Tuesday or Wednesday. 

The dial itself is a stunningly polished silver tone steel. In some ways, we find this to be more “dressy” than the black dial, but it’s certainly still appropriate for everyday wear. 

The case, while still large, is actually 43mm compared to the black dial’s 44. This is because it’s fitted to the dimensions of the bezel, rather than protruding out around the perimeter. 

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The Citizen Corso Eco-Drive Chronograph Men's Watch


The Citizen Corso Eco-Drive Chronograph Men's Watch is a stunning timepiece that combines functional simplicity with timeless elegance.

This model features a two-tone stainless steel case and bracelet with a classic black dial, making it perfect for formal and casual occasions alike. With a 1/5-second chronograph and date function, it is not only stylish but also highly practical.

The Corso collection is known for its outstanding quality, and this watch is no exception, with a caliber number B642. The Citizen Corso Eco-Drive Chronograph Men's Watch is a must-have accessory for any discerning gentleman who appreciates luxury and style. Save 26% on your Citizen Corso Eco-Drive Chronograph when you order today

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