The Superior Breitling Superocean

Posted by Chris on Wednesday, March 2, 2022
the Breitling Superocean

Breitling is known for having dominated both air and sea with their brilliant Swiss luxury watches. The Navigator is often hailed as the greatest pilot watch out there, being worn by high-flying aces around the world. At a much lower altitude, the Superocean reigns supreme as one of the top dive watches on the market. And that’s for good reason. 

First appearing in 1957, the Superocean was initially created for the purpose of equipping professional and military divers. The incredible build quality meant it could take the pressures of the depths without flinching, and the now classic look cut a dashing figure in the eyes of all who saw it. It wasn’t long before leisure divers and watch lovers alike began drooling over the design, and Breitling obliged by creating a legacy of diving watch excellence that has continued to this day. 

We personally love the Breitling Superocean because it’s a lot more playful and daring than many of the brand’s other offerings. The dials are large and bold, the colors are often a little more eye-catching, and the look is more sporty than dressy. 

Don’t get us wrong, there are Superoceans out there that make for great dress watches. We mean, it’s a Breitling watch. You can wear it anywhere you want. But the Superocean aesthetic is generally more attuned to action than the stiff sleeves of a dress shirt. 

As it turns out, we have some great Superoceans in stock and ready to ship. Let’s take a look. 

The Breitling Superocean Heritage B20 Automatic 46 Green Dial


This is the perfect example of what we were talking about when we said Superoceans often have bolder colors. The green reflective dial on this stunning piece is absolutely beautiful to look at. In fact, it’s hard not to look at, given how present the green is.

The look is classic modern Superocean, with the big luminous hands and markers. The rotating bezel is large and looks like it was originally built for a tank cannon. 

The thing about Breitling watches is that they’re actually built to perform the functions they’re meant for, which means that this guy sports a 200 meter water resistance and a solid rubber strap. It’s meant to dive, though whether you’re diving into the ocean or into a rich social event is up to you. 

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The Breitling Superocean Automatic 42 Blue Dial 


One great thing about Superoceans is that they come in a variety of sizes. There are 48s, 46s, 44s, and this guy, a svelte 42mm masterpiece. Okay, well, maybe 42mm isn’t exactly svelte, but it’s a lot less imposing than the previous 48. 

All of the modern trappings are present on this smaller version, as well. You’ve got the luminous hands and markers, the rotating bezel, the rubber strap, etc. The dial on this Superocean is a more subtle oceanic blue, a dark and rich color that invites attention rather than demanding it. 

What’s perhaps most surprising of all is that this dive watch is rated for an astounding 500 meters of water resistance. You could probably go deep enough to find a sunken UFO in the Bermuda Triangle and still be able to read the beautiful luminescent dial. 

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The Superocean Heritage II Automatic 44 Blue


The Superocean Heritage II is a throwback to the original Superoceans. You’ll notice that the dial is less “in your face” and modern looking, instead opting for a vintage look in the hands and markers. 

We think this Heritage look is more suitable for dress watch occasions, if that’s your thing. Though we have to reiterate that a Breitling is a Breitling and nobody’s going to tell you that you shouldn’t be wearing yours no matter what the model is. 

We’re in love with the reflective quality of the blue on the dial and the bezel. It’s very well crafted with not a flaw to be seen, the light hitting it in a perfect wash from every angle. 

The rubber dial is still there, but the pattern is textured with a very 3-dimensional feel. You really have to wear it yourself to understand how incredibly comfortable it is. 

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The Breitling Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Black


Of course we had to throw in a chronograph configuration. And boy, what a chronograph it is. It somehow transforms the feel of the entire watch from “let’s go diving and fight off some sea monsters with our bare fists” to “let’s enjoy a cold one on the deck of my yacht.” 

The Heritage look is perfect in chronograph form, with the classic hands fitting in flawlessly with the more crowded dial. The shiny black coloring is beautiful, if minimalist, and makes for a wonderful contrast against the silver hands and markers. 

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