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Posted by Chris on Wednesday, March 9, 2022
pre-owned luxury watches

Since we’ve started selling pre-owned watches at WatchMaxx, we’ve had some pretty incredible pieces come through our showroom. And that’s really why we love selling them. We never really know what kind of amazing watch is going to come in next. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t bring a few home for ourselves. 

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the current pre-owned watch selection on our site. 

Our trade-in program especially has brought in some unbelievable luxury watches of impeccable quality, and we really couldn’t be happier. 

Of course, there are those watch collectors out there who are tentative about buying pre-owned, and we kind of get that. Sometimes the knowledge that your watch is brand new can be alluring. However, every one of our pre-owned watches goes through a rigorous testing and quality assurance process, so they’re like-new anyways. 

On top of that, there are plenty of reasons that many of us actually prefer buying pre-owned luxury watches. Let’s take a look at some of those reasons right now. 

4 Reasons to Buy a Pre-Owned Luxury Watch

1. Save Money

This is the most obvious reason to buy your luxury watches pre-owned. You’re saving money. 

Much like cars, there is an almost immediate depreciation in value when a new watch is worn for the first time. By buying pre-owned, you’re skipping that and going right to the better price. 

The more money you save on your luxury watches, the more luxury watches you’ll be able to buy. That’s how we think of it, at least. 

Of course, at WatchMaxx even our brand new watches come with great deals. 

2. Sell for Equal or Higher Value

Another amazing thing about luxury watches is that, after that initial depreciation, they tend to eventually go up in value. As new models replace older ones in production, those older watches become harder to find and more sought-after. 

Essentially, any luxury watch you buy pre-owned is likely to be worth more than you bought it for a few years down the road. It almost certainly won’t be worth any less. 

And, again, that means you’ll have more money to buy more luxury watches when you get tired of them. 

3. You Can Choose from a Larger Selection

Buying new generally means you only get to pick from the current selection of modern watches. When you start looking at pre-owned pieces, you’re suddenly opening yourself up to every watch that’s out there for sale. 

Watches aren’t like computers. They’re not high-tech things that go obsolete. Watches that were amazing 40 years ago are still amazing today. In fact, depending on who you ask, they might even be considered more amazing. It’s all a matter of taste, and if your taste is older watches, then you’re going to need to be ready for some pre-owned luxury goodness. 

4. Convenience

For a lot of luxury brands out there, especially the super high-end luxury watch makers, you’re going to have to jump through a lot of hoops to get the watch you want. We’re talking waiting lists, desperate emails, and for the most fervent watch people out there, trying to bribe account representatives with bottles of wine or Rolling Stones tickets. 

When you buy a pre-owned luxury watch, you’re generally just clicking on the watch you like, adding it to your cart, and checking out. Simple, and no bribery necessary. 

WatchMaxx Pre-Owned Luxury Watches

Now let’s take a look at some of the pre-owned watches we currently have in stock. Remember, this stock changes quickly and frequently, so you’ll have to be pretty quick if you want to snatch something up. 

If you want to view our entire pre-owned catalog, go here.

All of our pre-owned watches are guaranteed to be authentic, and come with a 1-year warranty. And if you decide it’s not to your taste after all, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. 

The ROLEX Submariner Date Black Bezel 40mm 


We probably don’t have to say anything else after stating that this is a ROLEX. You already know you want it. 

But just in case, let’s go over some of the features of this Submariner. 

This piece is a 90s vintage Submariner. The bezel is black aluminum and sits on a stainless steel Oyster bracelet with a folding buckle. The dial is a stunning black with large circle markers and a magnified date window. The beautifully detailed hour hand is a real standout. 

This isn’t just a watch, it’s an heirloom that your kids’ kids will be wearing. 

Buy it today.

The TAG HEUER Aquaracer Lady 300M Yellow Gold & Steel Women’s Watch


There’s a lot going on with this watch, and it’s all fabulous. 

The first thing you probably noticed is the gleaming golden bezel in its polished glory. That’s 18kt yellow gold, as beautiful as it was the day it was made. The mother of pearl dial isn’t the typical white either. Instead, it’s more reflective and has an almost dreamlike quality to it. 

The dual-tone bracelet is equally as stunning, turning heads with its complex pattern and shameless display of luxury. 

Buy it today and save 25%

The Breitling Bentley Motors T Chronograph


If you’re searching for that vintage look, this Breitling has everything you could wish for. And we mean that literally. 

The dial is jam-packed with features. First of all, consider that this watch is a whopping 48mm, and most of that is dial. Tachymeter, chronometer, everything-meter, plus three sub dials all fit onto the massive white dial. Add to that some chronograph controls around the crown and a highly stylized bezel, and you’ve got yourself an instant classic. 

The black leather strap adds the finishing touch of class. If there’s ever a watch worthy of carrying the names of both Breitling and Bentley, it’s this one. 

Get yours today and save 45%

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