The Elegant Wonderland of Michele Watches

Posted by Chris on Thursday, March 24, 2022
Michele Watches at WatchMaxx

In this business where we’re constantly surrounded by some of the most beautiful and amazing luxury watches in the world, it’s hard to not become enamored at every turn of the head. It’s like falling in love every time you blink. One day, you’re infatuated with Breitling watches. The next, you’re going goo goo eyed over your Oris collection. It’s a sort of emotional promiscuity that keeps us passionate about what we do at WatchMaxx, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Well, today we just happened to catch a glimpse of our Michele watches we have for sale, and we had to catch our breath. These are easily some of the classiest, most elegant, most deliciously wonderful watches on the market, and we’re lucky to carry them. 

Some time ago, we wrote about how much we love the Michele Deco. That love hasn’t changed one bit, but we thought we’d take this opportunity to showcase some of the other Michele watches we have in stock. 

So sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy this little showcase of our Michele watches for sale, all of them in stock and ready to ship at the time of this writing. 

The Michele Cape Silver Dial White Silicone Strap


On the flip side, there’s this beautiful Cape, with its gleaming silver dial and delicious silicone strap that’s as white as sunlight on a fresh blanket of snow. 

The topaz hour markers glimmer brilliantly as they’re turned this way and that, and they play with the matching gold-toned bezel in the most spectacular way. The rest of the silver dial features three sub dials connected by an intricate pattern of rings around the inner perimeter. 

This is also a chronograph, though that does nothing to detract from the elegance on display with this luxury beauty. 

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The Michele Caber Isle Mother of Pearl Diamond Dial 


Do you like diamonds? Yeah, you like diamonds. We like diamonds, too. They’re sparkly, beautiful, luxurious, opulent, and all of the millions of adjectives in between those things. 

This Caber Isle piece was specifically made for those of us who really, really like diamonds. The bezel is loaded with them. We haven’t officially counted, but we’d estimate that there are probably somewhere around a billion little diamonds packed in there. 

Then there’s the dial. A beautiful mother of pearl backdrop sets the scene for diamond heaven, decadently displayed in the hour markers and across the inner perimeter. 

The lugs are also elegantly designed, and definitely deserve some closer attention. Michele women's watches are always elegant, but this one has a special place in our hearts.

As a whole, this is a piece that will draw eyes from across an ocean, so be prepared to get a lot of compliments. 

Buy your Michele Caber Isle Mother of Pearl Diamond Dial from WatchMaxx and save 32%.

The Michele Serein Diamond Mother of Pearl 


For those of us who like a more traditionally shaped watch, the Michele Serein gives us a large circular dial. The 36mm case provides an expansive canvas for the dreamy mother of pearl and classy roman numeral markers. 

Both the bezel and the dial’s inner perimeter feature dozens of immaculate little diamonds, and we’re really blown away by the small details that went into the design. For instance, the way the diamonds on the dial arc around the date window is just one of those spectacular little touches that make Michele watches a leading luxury brand. 

Even the gleaming stainless steel bracelet says luxury with its polished brilliance. This is a dress watch of the highest caliber, and it can, and should, be worn to any occasion. 

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The Michele Urban Mini Diamond Dial 


If you like your luxury in a more diminutive form factor, then look no further than this Urban Mini. Of course, small doesn’t mean minimal in this case.

The small dial has a lot of opulence packed in. The intricate pattern gives a textured look to the watch that creates an almost three-dimensional effect, while the inner perimeter is packed with tiny little diamonds. The Arabic numeral hour markers are comparatively large, warping their way around the rectangular dial in a spectacular fashion. 

The case of this Michele watch is almost flush with the polished steel bracelet, which creates a really sleek look and a streamlined feel. 

This is a small watch with a delicate demeanor. However, make no mistake. There is a lot of eye candy to be had. 

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