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Posted by Chris on Tuesday, March 7, 2023
Gucci Dive Watches for Men

While the venerable fashion house of Gucci has been around since the early morning hours of the 20th century, it wasn’t until near the end, in the late 90s, when they got into the watch game. 

Considering this, it’s actually kind of surprising how varied their offerings are. It’s maybe even just a tad more surprising that those offerings among Gucci men's watches include a dive watch. 

Dive watches are, as suggested in the name, tool watches meant for diving purposes. Not that most dive watch owners are ever submerged in anything more than a bathtub full of water. But it’s the idea that these are watches that have been built and tested for hundreds of meters of water resistance and designed with an emphasis on functionality that drives their function.

The idea of buying Gucci watches with the intent of taking them snorkling with you is just, well, a little funny to us. Then again, the brand has a reputation for living at the cutting edge of fashion, and you’d be hard pressed to find anybody who’s going to laugh at their breathtaking designs. 

It’s also worth noting that Gucci watches are Swiss-made, built to the highest standards of quality. So, yes, if you really wanted to you could take a Gucci Dive watch into the depths of the Pacific with you.

But that’s probably not why you’re here. You’re here because Gucci makes fabulous luxury watches, and you want to see our Dive collection. 

Well, let’s get into it then. 

Gucci Dive Watches 

Gucci Dive watches all share the same basic design. They’ve got a prominent rotating bezel, a dial with 3 hands and a date window at 6 o’clock, and a crown that’s protected by a little steel enclosure. They are, all things considered, relatively large and incredibly sturdy. 

None of those things, however, are what make them so desirable. It’s the eye-catching designs and the brand mystique that draws watch collectors and fashion aficionados alike to these pieces. They’re luxury, they’re fashion, and they’re just, well, cool watches. 

We don’t think it’s even possible to wear Gucci men's watches and be a wallflower. These are watches for the bold and adventurous people out there. The folks who like to be noticed. And they’ll certainly accomplish that if you let them. 

So let’s take a look at some of the men's Gucci Dive Watches that we have in stock and ready to ship.

The Gucci Dive Green Dial


We’re unsure what drew our eyes to this one as the first selection. It could be that the green and red color scheme has us thinking about the holiday season. 

While this isn’t a holiday themed watch, it certainly is a celebration in its own right. The bold colors wash across the dial and the bezel like fireworks. The Gucci watch motif is laid bare across the hour markers, featuring stars and bees galore. 

It’s certainly a bold watch, but that boldness ends at the bezel and the rest of the piece is polished steel, from lugs to bracelet. Maybe that’s why it’s so striking. It’s a loud whirlwind of color that stops abruptly. 

But the reality is that we love it, and love is something that can’t really be quantified. People have been seeking to uncover its nature since the dawn of humankind, and countless poems have been written by the likes of Shakespeare and, uh, the other ones, about the love they feel for their luxury watches. Probably. We don’t know. 

This is our poem to the Gucci Dive Green Dial:

Oh, your red and green 

Is the nicest we’ve seen

And we’d be in total bliss

To have you on our wrist. 

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The Gucci Dive Black Dial


Here we have a subtler display of color, and a very deliberate one at that. 

The dial this time around is a pitch black. Gucci watches’ black dials are noted for being exceptionally black. To quote the great scholar Nigel Tufnel, “It’s like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.” 

And that’s a good thing, because it allows the red and green decorative markers to pop even more. The only pop of color you'll find is in the middle of the watch, drawing attention in the black abyss that makes up this watch dial.

It’s interesting to note that the previous entry had two bees on the dial. While a lot of companies will simply reuse a dial with a different color scheme for variety in their watches, it’s clear here that Gucci is not one of those companies. 

Their dials are deliberate and meticulously designed. There’s a reason for the linear look, as it’s an experiment with form and color, and the effect it has on us when we see it is one that’s been engineered by true fashion artists. 

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The Gucci Dive Black Dial Green and Red Nylon Strap


Just to show how non-formulaic Gucci men's watches are, here is a Dive with a totally black and white dial, devoid of any brand symbology whatsoever. 

Instead, the color has been pulled out into the nylon strap – a green and red striped wonder that is, perhaps, the most Gucci thing we’ve ever seen. 

The thought process behind this design is fascinating. While the dial is traditionally the centerpiece of any watch, it’s almost as if the strap is trying to take our eyes away from it. It’s as if there’s a physical force that’s pulling our attention to either side of the bezel, and it’s both a bit disconcerting and very exciting. 

It’s as if this Dive is striving to protect the dial for the wearer. Its information is for you alone, while onlookers are inevitably going to be looking at the strap. It’s a visual puzzle, to be sure. 

Unravel the mysteries of the Dive Black Dial Green and Red Nylon Strap for yourself and save 35% when you buy today.

The Gucci Dive Black Snake Dial 


Snakes are, perhaps, the most maligned creatures on the planet. Some believe this is a leftover of evolutionary instinct, a passed down behavior meant to enhance the odds of survival by avoiding the difficult to spot venomous dwellers of thick jungle habitats. 

Others believe that this is a learned behavior. We’re taught to hate and fear snakes through their constant portrayal as villains and enemies. Even in nature documentaries, ominous music will play when a snake slithers its way into the shot. 

To Gucci, however, they’re neither ancestral enemies or villains to be feared. They’re a representation of the beauty and complexity of nature, a common theme in the brand’s designs. 

The snake on this dial could be said to be a representation of time itself, and the way that it coils itself about our very lives. The green second hand is its venom, striking at us one second at a time while simultaneously being a fundamental component of the nature of reality.

Or it could absolutely just be there because Gucci’s designers thought it looked cool. And you can’t deny that. It does look cool. 

We don’t believe it's so arbitrary, though. We see time and time again that the fashion house is unceasingly deliberate in their designs, and a lot of thought goes into everything they create. 

Either way, this Gucci Dive Black Snake Dial could slither into your life today for 32% off.

The Gucci Dive White Tiger Dial


We’re going to talk about this one in two parts. First, let’s look at the overall watch. 

Just as their blacks are very black, it appears that Gucci’s whites are spectacularly white. The white rubber dial is, for the lack of a better word, pristine. It’s whiter than snow, more akin to a white cloud as seen from the window of an airplane. 

The dial is, if anything, even a brighter white, but it’s also complex. To be blunt, there’s a lot going on here, and we love all of it. 

The tiger in the center is the focal point, of course, but the details at the perimeter are just as intriguing. The black dots at the quarter marks with the star at midnight, and the white circles in between give it a sort of zen-like quality. It’s almost as if this dial is built to facilitate a meditation of sorts. 

Which brings us to the tiger. Well, that’s what it’s called officially, at least. But we’ve seen tigers. We’ve also seen house cats. That is by all means a house cat dressed up like a tiger. 

Again we have to defer to the brand’s penchant for being deliberate. That tiger looks the way it does on purpose, and that begs the question “Why?” Are they saying that house cats are domesticated, and therefore this tiger is domesticated? Is it a statement about humankind’s stewardship over nature, with the tiger being a particularly egregious example of how we’ve neglected that stewardship? 

We can’t say for sure, honestly. But we can say that we wouldn’t mind spending a lot of time with this amazing watch on our wrist so we could ponder the meaning of the tiger. 

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