Make this a Cartier Mother’s Day

Posted by Chris on Friday, April 30, 2021

Whether it’s a pride of lionesses stalking the tall savanna grasses in search of food for their cubs, or a matriarch leading a multi-generational pod of Orcas through the vast oceans, there’s one universal truth in nature: Moms are amazing.

Mother’s Day is when we get to celebrate this truth and show our moms just how spectacularly wonderful they are, and we think there’s no more fitting way to do that than with a luxury watch.

And when it comes to luxury watches, mom deserves better than the best. She deserves a Cartier. 

Worn by iconic first ladies like Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, Cartier watches have represented class, elegance, and grace over the generations. Now, it’s time to show mom that she’s your first lady with a Cartier of her own. 

We’ve put together a list of 5 of our favorite Cartier watches that will be sure to dazzle mom and make up for at least a part of the headaches you put her through on your journey to adulthood.

1. The Tank Francaise Silver Dial Diamond Rose Gold

Roses are a great way to say to mom that you love her. But rose gold is how you show it. 

This beauty is entirely crafted out of stunning 18Kt rose gold that’s absolutely dripping with extravagance. The signature parallel lines of the Tank series are embedded with rows of diamonds that frame a silver dial and blue steel sword-shaped hands. 

This Tank Francaise transcends its rosey exterior to become a full bouquet for the eyes. 

See the Tank Francaise Silver Dial Diamond Rose Gold.

2. The Pasha Small 18Kt Yellow Gold Diamond Silver Dial

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we think this Pasha proves that sentiment wrong. Mothers are a girl’s best friend, and diamonds should be mom’s best friend.

We think mom will agree when she sees the dazzling ring of diamonds embedded in gleaming yellow gold along the Pasha’s bezel. In the center is a classy silver dial with the hour and minute markers arranged in an eye-catching square pattern. 

Purple leather straps complete the package for a Mother’s Day gift that she’ll never forget. 

See the Pasha Small 18Kt Yellow Gold Diamond Silver Dial.

3. The Ballon Bleu Pink Leather

Someone once said “If you have something to say, say it in pink.” Well, on Mother’s Day this pink beauty will say it all, including “thank you,” “I couldn’t have made it without you,” and most importantly “I love you, mom.”

The pink mother of pearl dial is a real showstopper, and the signature Cartier Ballon Bleu warping at the crown adds a touch of high art for good taste. The pink leather strap fits like a dream, and mom will have to pinch herself to make sure she’s actually awake when you present this spectacular beauty to her as the greatest Mother’s Day gift of all time. 

See the Ballon Bleu Pink Leather.

4. The Panthere de Cartier Medium Yellow Gold

Mothers are the shining suns that guide us and nurture us through the twists and turns of our lives, and this golden beauty will shine almost as brightly. 

Yellow gold gleams in 18K from end to end, with a square shaped silver dial etched with classic roman numeral hour markers. 

Your mother will light up the room even more than she already does with this dazzling centerpiece of luxury on her wrist. 

See the Panthere de Cartier Medium Yellow Gold.

5. The Love

Has there ever been a more aptly named watch than this little beauty? To see it is to absolutely fall head over heels, and that’s exactly what mom will do when she opens it up on her special day.   

The first thing she’ll see are the 15 large, sparkling diamonds embedded into the rose gold bezel, and it will be love at first sight. The fashionably petite leather strap will make it even easier to showcase the pièce de résistance on the wrist and show the world just how much you love her. 

See the Love.

Of course, these are just a taste of our vast catalogue of luxury Cartier watches. Have a look for yourself and you’ll be sure to find the perfect way to tell your mother that she’s the most important part of your world. 

Happy Mother’s Day. 



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