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Posted by Chris on Thursday, April 7, 2022
bulova marine star

Bulova’s Marine Star is an unusual watch. In some ways, it resembles a dive watch. The bezel is large, there’s usually a 100-200 meter water resistance (though not always), the dials are sporty, there are chronograph variants, etc. 

And then, in many ways, it’s not a dive watch. In the women’s variants in particular, there’s a much more dressy aspect, a focus on glitz and fashion. 

So what is the Marine Star, then? Well, Bulova’s official website has this to say about them: “Live and play in maritime watches that feature bold accents, iconic patterns and innovative materials inspired by the sea.” 

We think that’s perfect. They’re “maritime” watches with an unmistakably nautical feel. They’re also other things, depending on the model of your choice. 

More importantly, perhaps, they’re very affordable and a great introduction to luxury watches. 

Let’s take a look at some Marine Stars that we have in stock, each one ready to ship. 

The Bulova Marine Star Black Chronograph Dial


You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a racing watch ala TAG HEUER at first glance, but a closer glance will reveal that this is, in fact, a nautical masterpiece. 

The black dial has a beautiful sheen to it, not too reflective but certainly not a matte finish. The 60-second and 1/10-second sub dials in particular stand out with a shine that makes them pop from the rest of the dial. 

Of course, this is a chronograph so there’s a lot of functionality on display. The controls are tight and responsive, and the unidirectional rotating bezel adds an extra dimension of usefulness. 

This is a watch that could very well be an invaluable tool on a boat, but it would also fit right in as an everyday wearer. 

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The Bulova Marine Star Silver Dial Orange Rubber Strap


This is a Marine Star that excels in the art of misdirection. The first thing you probably noticed is the bold orange rubber strap. It’s eye-catching and unique, certainly not a flourish for the faint of heart. 

However, it’s the dial that becomes the (Marine) star of the show upon closer inspection. 

The standout feature is the open heart sub dial that intersects with the 60-second sub dial down around 6 o’clock. It’s here that we can see the wonderful Japanese Miyota 8215 21-jewel automatic movement in all its glory. 

It’s an elegant, yet powerful movement that supports a three-hand setup. In this case, the second-hand is contained within a chic sub dial that intersects with the open heart in a powerful way. 

The dial itself is an understated silver tone with an intricate textured pattern that contains the lovingly detailed roman numeral hour markers. 

This is a watch you only wear when you want people to notice it, which for us is all the time. There’s nothing that we watch people love more than people asking us to talk about our watches. 

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The Bulova Marine Star Black Chronograph Dial Black Rubber Strap


Here we have another chronograph Marine Star that is much like the first one on our list, yet with a completely different aesthetic. 

This piece is dripping in luxury with a rose gold tone look that accentuates a refined elegance. The dial is black and textured around the perimeter, and the rose gold tone hands and markers do an amazing job of standing out against the dark backdrop. The tiny splash of red at the tip of the second hand is a welcome diversion that makes a subtle, yet mighty impression against the overall look. 

The lugs are the same large lugs found on other Marine Stars, but they’re much more noticeable in their rose gold tone variant, casting the illusion that they’re actually larger than they are. That illusion is reinforced by the almost industrial looking bezel with its black rivets and black border. 

This is a watch that’s made for the red carpet, assuming that red carpet is on a yacht at sea. 

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The Bulova Marine Star Diamond Mother of Pearl Dial Women’s Watch 


Speaking of luxury, this beauty is absolutely drenched in it. 

Let’s talk about that blindingly white look, pure and brilliant as the driven snow on a sunny winter’s day. The spectacular thing is the way that the white continues from bezel to lugs to amazingly chic ceramic bracelet. It’s one thing to have a white watch, but this piece is in a totally different world. 

And then there’s that dial. That splendid, sparkling, dreamlike dial. Cloudy mother of pearl is the playing field for a dance of silver tone hour markers and a sprinkling of twinkling diamonds. It’s hard to tear away our eyes from just how gorgeous it is. 

This is a watch that will make a splash no matter where you wear it or what time of day it is. Onlookers will gag. 

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The Bulova Marine Star Diamond Mother of Pearl Dial Steel Women’s Watch 


Of course, sometimes you just have to dial up the diamonds to achieve that state of high luxury that can only be found within the mesmerizing sparkles of the most precious of stones. Luckily, Bulova never disappoints, and they created this breathtaking Marine Star for women of a truly opulent persuasion. 

The dial itself is stunning, with an inner circle of pure mother of pearl and an outer perimeter with an intricately patterned texture. Rose gold tone roman numerals share the spotlight with diamond markers, offering both a delicate and complicated look that has us screaming silently in joy. 

Then there’s the bezel. Oh, what a bezel it is. Rose gold toned stainless steel with landing strips of embedded diamond glitz, begging the question of whether or not it’s possible to have too much glam (of course it isn’t). 

This is something that you don’t wear. Instead, it wears you, and you love it. 

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