Bulova Luxury Watches?! You’d Better Bu-lieve It!

Posted by Chris on Thursday, May 19, 2022
bulova luxury watches

Bulova is a luxury watchmaker that was founded way back in 1875. They were an American brand until 2008, when they were bought by the Japanese company Citizen. 

The fact that their parent company is now Citizen is pretty appropriate. Bulova watches sit in about the same price range as Citizen watches, and they’re both really great options for entry level luxury watches. That is, they’re extremely well made, but affordable enough to be accessible for the curious. 

Probably the most famous Bulova moment was in 1926, when the brand produced the first radio advertisement in human history. The ad said “At the tone, it’s eight o’clock, Bulova Watch Time.” The ad was heard by millions of Americans, which is pretty good for their first try. 

A year later, Bulova gifted a watch and a $1000 check to Charles Lindbergh for crossing the Atlantic without stopping. 

In 1941, Bulova made history again by producing the first ever television advertisement, an achievement for which I’m sure we’re all very grateful to them. The commercial was just a modified test card that looked like a clock with the hands showing the current time. The Bulova logo was in the bottom right corner with the phrase “Bulova Time.” The commercial was an entire minute long and it was just that image with the moving hands. Still, millions of people sat there and watched it for the entire 60 seconds. The “Skip Ad” button wasn’t invented yet. 

Anyways, none of that is why we love Bulova. We love them because they make excellent watches. Even though they’re affordable, the watchmaker never cuts any corners in production or quality assurance. 

To celebrate Bulova, we thought we’d show off some of the amazing pieces we have in stock right now. 

The Bulova Precisionist Black


One thing that can be said about Bulova is that they don’t hold back when they want to get a little bit wild. This Chronograph is proof of that. 

The dial is shocking, to say the least. But we mean that in the best way possible. The pattern on the dial gives it a textured look, like a metal floor in a factory, and the bright blue perimeters of the two vertical sub dials is eye catching to say the least. 

What’s doubly impressive is how functionally sound this watch is. It’s quartz powered, so the movement is smooth and incredibly accurate. The water resistance is rated at an incredible 300 meters, and the construction is sturdy and durable. 

This is what we’d consider a Bulova flagship watch. The functions, the build quality, and the aesthetics are all top-tier, but somehow it still comes in at an affordable price. 

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The Bulova Marine Star  


For anybody who would question whether or not Bulova is a luxury watchmaker even though they’re so affordable, we present to you the Marine Star Diamond. 

The gold tone splendor is a perfect match for the big diamond hour markers and the striking Bulova logo at 12 o’clock. Even the hands are gold tone, and the way that they glitter across the dial is something you have to see for yourself. 

This is something we’d wear just about anywhere. Well, except for a friend’s wedding. You wouldn’t want to steal their thunder. 

Get your Bulova Marine Star today and save 40%.

The Bulova Phantom Black Dial 


So many brands out there have tried the “action movie hero” watch look, and honestly we find they often overshoot it. Instead of the high end luxury watches they are, they end up looking like gaudy facsimiles of a watch we’d buy from a toy store as a kid. 

Not Bulova, though. With this Phantom, they’ve nailed the perfect mix of luxury and action. While the watch is lined with tough looking studded textures, they mesh in with the rest of the watch so well that it’s not in your face. In other words, this is a real tough guy watch because it doesn’t have to tell you it’s tough. 

The all black look is sleek and stealthy, and the silver hands add a splash of noise to the otherwise ninja-esque piece. In fact, we bet a ninja could actually wear one of these on a mission to steal the cookies from the mayor’s mansion, or whatever it is they do. 

Order your Bulova Phantom Black Dial today and save 55%.

The Bulova Regetta Mother of Pearl Diamond Dial Women’s Watch


Mother’s Day may have just passed, but we’re always ready to celebrate some mother of pearl here at WatchMaxx. And that’s exactly what this watch does. It’s a celebration in gold and silver, and everybody’s invited. 

The mother of pearl dial is, well, kind of unlike anything we’ve seen. The diamonds ring the perimeter in a playful and glittery way that adds levity to the backdrop, and the rose gold hands and logo add a dash of refined luxury. 

This is something that you can wear to a ballroom or a Denny’s at 2 AM and feel equally as regal and put together in either situation. It’s also a great late mother’s gift if your mom was a bit underwhelmed with the first one. 

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