The 2022 Graduation Gift Guide

Posted by Chris on Tuesday, February 1, 2022
the 2022 graduation gift guide

For a lot of people, the most memorable part of graduation day was getting some great gifts. Well, that’s how it is for us. We remember throwing the silly looking hat, and there are flashes of cheering and celebration, but the one thing that sticks out more than the rest is the beautiful automatic Longines watch we received. 

Is it weird that our momentous graduation was overshadowed by the luxury watch we received immediately following it? No, of course not. But it does speak to the point that it’s very important to present luxury gifts to graduates so that they have something to remember it by. It’s also a great excuse to buy your favorite things for your favorite graduate to show them how proud you are while enjoying the feeling of giving them something that they’re going to love. 

So, to help you out, we’ve put together some spectacular luxury gift ideas that you can order right here on WatchMaxx. Well, you can probably order them from other places, too, if you don’t mind spending more on things for no reason. 

Tissot Heritage Petite Second Silver Dial Black Leather Strap 


At defining moments in our lives, it’s important to remember where we came from. And your grad will always remember where this Tissot Heritage came from as they go out into the world and embark on their journey into adulthood. 

The design of the watch is inspired by a timepiece that was in the Tissot collection in 1943, aimed at men in the cities and very sought after due to its pure elegance. This watch is perfect for those who appreciate vintage-inspired timepieces with a modern twist.

Tissot men's watches make great high-end luxury Swiss watches that work really well as an entry point into the world of luxury watch collecting. So this Heritage is a great way to start both post-school life and post-watches-are-awesome obsession. 

Order your Tissot Heritage Petite Second Silver Dial Black Leather Strap Watch today and save 60%.

Ray-Ban Black Square Acetate Green Unisex Sunglasses


If you’re going to be sending somebody out into the world to make a name for themselves, it’s all gotta start with the cool factor. Now, we know a lot about being cool. We’re a watch vendor, for crying out loud. What could possibly be cooler than that?

These Ray-Ban shades, though. They’re on a whole new level of cool. The thick black frame coupled with the green-tinted lenses makes for a dangerously chic combination. 

You’ll notice we just referred to them as “shades.” This is something cool people do, and it’s a further demonstration of our undeniable coolness. 

Buy your Ray-Ban Black Square Acetate Green Unisex Sunglasses today and save 40%

Ralph Lauren Polo EDT Spray for Men


A young man preparing to go out on his own should both look and smell the part. That’s where Ralph Lauren’s Polo comes in. 

The classic fragrance has woven a tapestry of myth and legend throughout our modern culture, and its scent is undeniably unique and wonderful. It’s an iconic “man” smell that’s a good start for any young gentleman. 

Save 40% when you order your Ralph Lauren Polo EDT Spray for Men.

Prada Candy EDP Spray for Women 


If you’ve ever wondered what luxury smells like, then wonder no more. Prada’s Candy is exactly what you’re looking for. And it turns out that luxury is actually pretty sweet. 

We love the design of the bottle. The hot pink accent that rings the top pops out, and the dispenser is unique and eye-catching. 

What really matters is the way it smells, though, and Prada knows what they’re doing in that regard. Candy has a sweet smell that’s a little bit spicy as well. But there’s a woody essence underneath that gives it an unmistakably sophisticated air. 

Get your Prada Candy EDP Spray for Women today and save 43%

The Longchamp Amazone Black Velour Crossbody Bag


One thing that comes with adulthood is the acquiring of baggage as you work your way through life. It’s simply unavoidable. You’re going to make mistakes here and there. The important thing is not to let your baggage drag you down. 

Personally, our favorite kind of baggage is luxury crossbody bags. We think it’s a great way to wear a bag, and there are some truly inspired designs out there. 

One such inspired design is found in this Amazone Black Velour from the fashion veterans at Longchamp. 

The pattern is super chic and weaves a mesmerizing optical illusion that only expands the closer you look at it. The chain gives the look an edge and the whole thing really comes together in a way that leaves a little bit of room for the imagination. 

Save 57% when you buy your Longchamp Amazone Black Velour Crossbody Bag from us

The Gear Up for Graduation Sale

If you’re interested in luxury gifts for your grad’s big day, you should really look at our Gear Up for Graduation sale. 

There are hundreds of items on sale, including luxury watches for men and women, luxury sunglasses, luxury fragrances, jewelry and more. 

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