Dark Side of the Moon

The sub-collection’s name is a reference to the first Speedmasters that were taken to the moon on the famous Apollo 11 space mission and that all the watches are made of black ceramic. Black ceramic is truly a revolutionary material in watch making. A couple of decades ago if you wanted a black chronograph it would be made of stainless steel covered with black paint. Often this paint would chip and in general this watch was difficult to maintain in mint condition. Moreover, it was impossible to create a true black sleek watch. Now Omega has revealed to the world at Basel 2015 an exquisite sub-collection with all the timepieces made of black ceramic. Since ceramic is a very hard material the watch doesn't chip easily, and it will last longer in mint condition. Further, the actual ceramic is black so even in the unlikely event that the timepiece chips there will be no discoloration. The watch will always be black, because it is actually black not painted black.

However, what makes Omega ceramic watches unique from other ceramic watches is the attention to detail. For example, there are different finishes on various parts of the watch, which result in a metallic like luster. The outer ring that holds the watch case together called the bezel. It is equipped with a tachymeter,which is used to measure unit per hour. All the watch markers are coated with a new illuminate called Superluminova. This permits the watch to have a distinctive glow in any dark environment. Further, these new Speedmasters contain the new and innovative calibre 9300 Co-Axial movement. The new Co-Axial escapement is a large technological milestone in watchmaking, because it causes less friction within the watch mechanism. Consequently, the sport chronographs keeps time more accurately and precisely. You can find the watches here