Ceramic Watches

Although,  ceramic is new in watchmaking it has become very popular. This is not surprising because ceramic is scratch resistant, lightweight, and easy to mass produce. Originally, it was made for sport watches because these types of chronographs have tendency to get scratched. Making  a sports chronograph out of scratch resistant ceramic seemed like an obvious solution. After all, modern ceramic is one of the hardest materials known to man.  Now even formal timepieces are made with ceramic. Even though, dress watches usually are not in harsh environments they can still get scratch, but ceramic can keep a watch in mint condition for a long period of time. Further, ceramic can be made to look like metal so the watch still has that timeless appeal of metallic timepieces.

However, ceramic has one major disadvantage: it is brittle. Think of the common Earthenware made from ceramic, it is very hard. In fact, it is impossible to cut it with a knife, but if you drop it it shatters. To clarify, the ceramic used for watches is not the same ceramic used for earthenware. Thankfully, the ceramic used for modern timepieces is usually made from zirconium, which is far less brittle than common pottery we use. Nonetheless, the same physical attributes of earthenware apply to ceramic watches. In certain extreme conditions your ceramic watch can crack. Once a ceramic chronograph cracks it is beyond any repair. In general, malleability is the characteristic of metal, but ceramic isn’t metal. Consequently, almost any damages incurred by ceramic watch cannot be fixed. However, as previously mentioned ceramic is extremely rigid and unbreakable, so it is unlikely that your ceramic chronograph will break.

Major watch companies like Rolex, and Omega are making ceramic watches part of their collections. Some ceramic timepieces even have gold parts, which adds a luxury twist. Even watch collectors and connoisseurs have a ceramic watch to complete their personal timepiece collection. In short, ceramic is great durable material, and it is a great lightweight alternative to metallic watches.